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BKP talks about Donald Trump machine in waiting to stop deep state, and more


We don’t know if Trump will announce. He would be the front run­ner. He would prob­a­bly get the nom­i­na­tion. TP USA, most­ly young peo­ple, Trump wins the straw poll. Many in repub­li­can cir­cles are hop­ing it will be after November. 

IF you want the deep state to be removed, who would be the best pres­i­dent to do so. 

Trumps Machine in Wait­ing.. He has sev­er­al non-prof­its that are fund­ing the research to find the Amer­i­can First peo­ple. Now Trump looks to Jim Jor­dan as his clos­est con­fi­dant on Capi­tol Hill. McCarthy attacked Trump on Jan 6 then a few weeks lat­er went to Mar-a-Largo to kiss the ring and all is well. 

They have to stop Trump because Trump has peo­ple to take down the deep state. Jan 6 was set up to try to stop it. Clark in Feb plead­ed the 5th on the Jan 6 com­mit­tee. In the ear­ly hours of Jun 22, fed­er­al agents took his devices in a search. But iIn April, Clark was down in Mar-a-Largo. 

The Jus­tice Depart­ment has to be gone through. Trump had a deep state cab­i­net because of the peo­ple he had close to him. Trump had to go to Wash­ing­ton to fig­ure out how it all worked. 

Trump is run­ning an oppo­si­tion meet­ing prepar­ing for a sec­ond term. Why and what do they want to do? Chaney Jan 6 cmte could con­tem­plate sub­poe­na for Gin­ni Thomas. They went after Clark and now they want to go after Gin­ni Thomas because she took a strong inter­est in white house per­son­nel. That Trump’s own peo­ple were obstruct­ing MAGA. Gin­ni Thomas has a list of dis­loy­al gov­ern­ment offi­cials. The deep state hit list. 

Trump want­ed to install Patel as deputy direc­tor of the CIA or FBI. At this time he still needs Barr and Durham. Barr told Mead­ows that Patel had become a deputy FBI agent over his dead body. Trump has the plan and has the peo­ple around him. If Trump announces that he is run­ning for re-elec­tion. They are going to try to put this arti­cle out to try and scare the peo­ple but they will under­es­ti­mate the will of the people. 

Trump learns his les­son to whom he lis­tens and who he hires. 

The Don, when you do the Don wrong for a peri­od of time you believe every­thing is ok. Although the rela­tion­ship between McCarthy and Trump is still intact it isn’t what it was. 

Here is the proof that Trump is sin­cere in col­laps­ing the deep state and Trump is going to clean the house of the deep state. Dave McCormick seemed on paper to con­vince Trump to endorse him. McCormick had numer­ous ties to Trump yet he didn’t endorse. Trump did not endorse Deep State McCormick. 

Con­ser­v­a­tive Part­ner­ship Insti­tute is the crowd­sourc­ing hub. The non prof­it sta­tus under the tax code allows the orga­ni­za­tion to hide its donors. It was found­ed by Jim DeMint, for­mer GOP SC Sen­ate. CPI staff, Demint, Mark Mead­ows, Edward Cor­ri­g­an, Wes­ley Den­ton, Rachel Bovard, Cle­ta Mitchell. CPI has a team that is work­ing on the data­base of vet­ted staff that is ready to go upon the next GOP president. 

This is teed up ready to go. We must have a pres­i­dent that has the courage to take down the deep state. They are attack­ing Trump because he will bring down the deep state. 

Mike Pence is out there. The deep state will change the course of Amer­i­can his­to­ry for gen­er­a­tions if Trump and his Sched­ule F is not allowed to be enacted. 

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