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166 Million Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck, Including 51% Making 100K

  • Bruce Thomp­son was at the fan­nin coun­ty valen­tine par­ty. He has only been on the job for 16 days. He is going through the build­ing and he is chang­ing the facil­i­ty and has asked to meet with the facil­i­ty direc­tor. He can’t meet the direc­tor because he works remote­ly. He is no longer the direc­tor. We still have peo­ple in GA work­ing and get­ting paid remote­ly. 50.4% of US offices are more than halfway full for the first time since the pan­dem­ic. Com­pa­nies are start­ing to say the employ­ees are com­ing back in.  Now the ener­gy is mov­ing and turning. 
  • GA coun­ty pen­sions are not keep­ing up with infla­tion. There is a bill to adjust the pensions.
  • 166 mil­lion live pay­check to pay­check, includ­ing 51% mak­ing 100K are liv­ing pay­check to pay­check. Remem­ber if you need­ed to buy a vehi­cle you paid stick­er plus and used cars were through the roof. Infla­tion out­pac­ing wages, gas prices up, retail spend­ing is down and inven­to­ries are up. When they tell you infla­tion is down, they have dis­tort­ed the num­bers to make you believe infla­tion is down. In June infla­tion was 9.1%. Jerome Pow­ell is increas­ing the inter­est rate so fast that our inter­est rate on our debt alone is high­er than our defense bud­get. The ide­al infla­tion num­ber is 2%. The infla­tion num­ber in Decem­ber is 6.5%, but they pull out the ener­gy, gro­ceries, gas prices out of the for­mu­la. Most Amer­i­cans are call­ing BS on the number.
  • On top of infla­tion we have the debt ceil­ing. Have you noticed the democ­rats are say­ing casu­al­ly that we are not going to risk the full faith in cred­it and we are just pay­ing the bills. The Debt is $31Trillion, democ­rats are bring­ing down the vol­ume and repub­li­cans are try­ing to slim up the bud­get. 61% of Amer­i­cans say the econ­o­my is bad. 
  • US Cred­it card debt jumps 18.5% and hits a record $930.6 bil­lion, the aver­age cred­it card rate is 20%. On top of the cred­it cards they have the car payments. 
  • Sarah Huck­abee Sanders to give the response to the State of the Union. 
  • GA house pass­es 32.5 bil­lion bud­get. Charlise Byrd and Colton Moore release let­ter con­cert­ing the budget. 
  • Joe was on the move in Philadel­phia where they were yelling for 4 more years. Won­der if they took Joe to Zom­bie Nation. Drug over­dose deaths in us are staggering. 
  • Go check out Greater Ida­ho Move­ment 15 OR coun­ties to leave for Ida­ho. It was intro­duced in the OR senate. 
  • We know the bal­loon didn’t hap­pen dur­ing the Trump admin­is­tra­tion because we would have heard about it. 
  • Ukrain­ian troops being trained on tanks pro­vid­ed by the west. 82nd Air­borne land­ing in Poland. What about our south­ern border? 
  • Fed­er­al judges get con­firmed by a rec­om­men­da­tion. The house han­dles the purse strings. The sen­ate han­dles fed­er­al judges. It is Bri­an Kemp is the rea­son we have 2 demo­c­rat sen­a­tors in GA. A blue slip is a piece of paper that the sen­ate judi­cia­ry com­mit­tee uses to solic­it views of the home state sen­a­tors after a per­son is nom­i­nat­ed to be a fed­er­al judge in their state. The states that have 2 demo­c­rat sen­a­tors are doing real quick for Joe to fill. 

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