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Politicians Cash In On Tragedies

  • Every time there is a tragedy the politi­cians look at it as vote count. 
  • BKP Pol­i­tics has 3 main focus­es: study can­di­date races and analy­sis pol­i­tics, study the media (the smoke­screen) to expose the manip­u­la­tion of the media, and bring up research items.  The tri­fec­ta equals how dumb do you think we are…
  • The pre­dict­ing game on pol­i­tics is an ugly busi­ness these days. 
  • Ronald Reagen wouldn’t rec­og­nize the peo­ple that claim to be republicans.
  • As soon as some­thing hap­pens they start test­ing the vot­ers, Mar­sha Black­burn (R‑TN, Sen­a­tor) intro­duced leg­is­la­tion ban­ning Chi­na pur­chas­ing farm­land next to mil­i­tary bases. 
  • Ford to cut 3800 engi­neer­ing admin­is­tra­tion jobs in europe. Ford just made a 3.5B deal with Chi­na to build a bat­tery plant in Michigan. 
  • Bri­an Kemp is so full of Shi* and went to Davos to bring con­ser­v­a­tive val­ues to the glob­al­ist. All the brag­ging about GA going to be the leader in the coun­ty for EVs, do you real­ize that you can’t do that with­out the bat­ter­ies and deal­ing with Chi­na. GA gov­ern­ment and politi­cians are in cahoots with Chi­na. They want you to believe that Kemp went to Davos to share our GA values. 
  • A Sen­a­tor in AK wants to know what kind of equip­ment a trans­gen­der female uses. 
  • Trans care for teens banned. ID ban like­ly, banned in UH, SD TX and FL, surgery only banned in AZ, Ban sus­pend­ed in AK, AL. GA has some bills intro­duced. Rhon­da Thomas will be with us on Mon­day at 8:30. Yes­ter­day SB154 — the sale of mate­ri­als harm­ful to chil­dren includ­ing libraries in schools has been introduced. 
  • Joe Biden refers to Maryland’s first black gov­er­nor as “boy” in speech. 
  • For­mer CIA advi­sor Biden bombed Nord Stream. 
  • Elon Musk said in 2014 with AI we are sum­mon­ing the demon. 
  • US projects to add $19T to nation­al debt. There is only one way to cut the debt is by going after the American’s mon­ey. The IRS has already added 5K new employees. 
  • Parts of the Trump GA Grand Jury will be released today. 
  • Where is the mask police for the con­trol burn in OH. It didn’t come with an EPA warning.

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