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Truth with Dr. Tidman on COVID, Mental Health, East Palestine Train Derailment, & more

  • Let­ter from the State Sur­geon Gen­er­al from FL. He has been on the fore­front ask­ing the side effects of the vac­cines. He is demand­ing the data to be released for the pub­lic. He is demand­ing from the CDC and the man­u­fac­tur­er to release the data. 
  • Aus­tralia drug reg­u­la­tors hid the deaths from vac­cines. There are peo­ple and chil­dren dying from the vac­cines and they are hid­ing the infor­ma­tion. There was no data to show that the vac­cine stopped the virus. And it was not a dan­ger to chil­dren. There are insti­tu­tions that are deceiv­ing the peo­ple. There are pri­vate doc­tors that are still push­ing the vac­cine. Pfiz­er was going to hide the data for 75 years with the approval from the FDA. The data showed that there were prob­lems and they want­ed to hide the information. 
  • The inter­na­tion­al code is not COVID spe­cif­ic but they are adding more. 4 years ago there were 1000 codes, now there are 10K. AMA (Amer­i­can Med­ical Asso­ci­a­tion) makes the bulk of its mon­ey from the codes. They are want­i­ng all these codes to attach to the patient. The idea is that the more infor­ma­tion they can get the bet­ter but that is a bunch of noise into the sys­tem. There are eth­i­cal issues with the med­ical infor­ma­tion that is not pro­tect­ed any­more. Not only is the cod­ing get­ting too spe­cif­ic, it is being shared. 
  • Trans­plant cen­ters have reject­ed unvac­ci­nat­ed patients or receiv­ing organs from unvac­ci­nat­ed. There is no moral ratio­nale. And no med­ical ratio­nale. Once the code has been uploaded it can be down­loaded by the gov­ern­ment, vac­cines pass­ports are here. 
  • There is a lev­el of lying that is going on that is cor­ro­sive to our society. 
  • In March 2020 the mil­i­tary com­plex came out with what killed the virus. The media should have tak­en the list instead they focused on the Pres­i­dent say­ing to drink bleach. Then we went into pro­pa­gan­da mode with an agenda. 
  • There are bizarre things hap­pen­ing.  There are things that are hap­pen­ing to younger peo­ple with­out the risk fac­tors. There have not been any orga­nized stud­ies on the effects of the vac­cine. The CDC is a failed insti­tu­tion and needs to shut down and start over. 
  • We need to be skep­ti­cal of any­one that has a per­verse agen­da. But why would the CDC have a per­verse agen­da? There is a cozy rela­tion­ship between Big Phar­ma and the institutions. 
  • The pow­er­ful need to be held account­able and the media’s job was to hold them account­able. Now the media is com­plic­it and are car­ry­ing the water for the powerful. 
  • There is alarm­ing stat that came across that 1 in 3 girls that have thought of sui­cide. AS par­ents and soci­ety we need to fig­ure this out. Your brain can only process a lim­it­ed amount of infor­ma­tion and if they are under stress and anx­i­ety that caus­es even less perception. 
  • We have nev­er talked about how we have got­ten here. And the new focus is on men­tal health and doing research on our kids. Men­tal health is the default when they don’t under­stand the issue. GA has leg­is­la­tion that kids from 8–18 sui­cide eval­u­a­tions. There are no insti­tu­tion­al solu­tions for a child that thinks being dead is bet­ter. There are no mark­er that will tell you that a child is at risk of sui­cide. The thing is that the chil­dren that are most suc­cess­ful in sui­cide the par­ents don’t even know the child was in that place. 
  • Acci­dents hap­pen but they don’t seem to have the cor­rec­tions in place. Who’s idea was to make the tox­ic thing big­ger by light­ing the fire. The fire mag­ni­fied the sit­u­a­tion. The first thing the rail­road want­ed to do is to get the track open. They didn’t dig out any of the soil. 
  • Bull­shit that Joe is a vig­or­ous healthy 80 year old. 

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