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BKP On Economy, Abortion Pill, Tucker Jan 6 Coverage

  •  Poor lit­tle rich boy smirk­ing sus­pect­ed Antifa goon is son of NYC plas­tic fur­ni­ture tycoon. Him and 22 oth­er cronies appear in court on ter­ror charges. 
  • A major home­builder in this coun­try said that in the last year busi­ness is down 50% and the val­ue on homes is down 51%. Our tar­get goal is 2% and we are way over 6% and inter­est rates have to go faster and high­er. Wall Street falls more than 1% as Pow­ell flags shar­er rate hikes. Here we are giv­ing away mon­ey left and right and send­ing mon­ey over to Ukraine and we have such a debt that right now the inter­est alone on our debt is equal to the nation­al defense bud­get. The only way to solve this is mas­sive unem­ploy­ment, that will cool things off. 
  • Intel­li­gence sug­gests a pro-ukrain­ian group sab­o­taged pipeline US offi­cials say. Zelen­sky’s aide says Kyiv was absolute­ly not involved in the Nord Stream attack. Now we feel that Joe Biden had it done. But MSM needs to clear Biden and Zelensky.
  • 50% of abor­tions are done through an abor­tion pill. The State of TExas there is a law­suit to stop the abor­tion pill from being sold across state lines. All odds are that the judge is going to rule in favor of stop­ping this pill. Wal­greens will stop dis­trib­ut­ing the pill into the 20 states that signed on to the law­suit. Now New­some is going after Wal­greens for cav­ing to the conservatives. 
  • We found out Tuck­er does­n’t like Trump
  • Repub­li­can sen­a­tors blast fox news for down­play­ing dead­ly Jan 6 capi­tol “insur­rec­tion”. McCarthy says he does­n’t regret shar­ing Jan6 footage with Tuck­er Carl­son. Capi­tol Police Chief says the pro­gram con­ve­nient­ly cher­ry-picked from the calmer moments of our 41,000 hours of video. What about the Jan 6 com­mit­tee didn’t they cher­ry pick from the footage as well. New Jan 6 tapes reveal how a Capi­tol cop used ini­tia­tive to evac­u­ate sen­a­tors after the boss went silent. He was oust­ed after wear­ing a MAGA hat to save col­leagues. Boss was praised by Pelosi for ignor­ing calls and was reward­ed. John­son was respon­si­ble for mak­ing sure the law­mak­ers were secure dur­ing the elec­toral col­lege. They knew that the crowd was com­ing. The woman in charge Yoganan­da Pittman, she was the one that wouldn’t answer the calls from John­son. She is pro­mot­ed on Jan 7 and resigns in July then shows up in Nancy’s dis­trict with a huge job as head of secu­ri­ty at a college. 
  • Sick­nick died of nat­ur­al caus­es. And remem­ber Kamala Har­ris com­pared Jan 6 to pearl har­bor and 9–11. 
  • Can’t remem­ber such an effort to come togeth­er to shut some­thing down to stop the Amer­i­can peo­ple from hear­ing and see­ing it. 
  • No mat­ter what you think. They lied to us all. And they ran this through the midterms with “Sav­ing the Democracy”. 
  • New WHO chief sci­en­tist made cru­cial changes to the paper claim­ing COVID-19 didn’t come from the lab. 

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