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Rhonda Thomas — Truth in Education — The Dangers Of Georgia’s HB520

  • Event on Sat­ur­day in Dun­woody Bap­tist Church. 
  • Crossover has hap­pened. HB520 is the new men­tal health bill. It is packed with things that all of us should be con­cerned about. HB1013 was the frame­work for the small­er bills to shore up the fund­ing on the frame­work. Every­thing falls under behav­ioral health. 
  • Every child will be labeled. They will be track­ing our children. 
  • Psy­cho-Phar­ma backs the orga­ni­za­tions that are push­ing for the men­tal health bill. GA school coun­selor lob­by­ing group is backed by the largest law firms that is backed by phar­ma. Last year the bill allowed our school coun­selors to be pro­fes­sion­al counselors. 
  • Coun­selors are col­lect­ing data from our chil­dren. The own­er of the data is the ruler. 
  • HB520 is labeled hous­ing but it is men­tal health. 
  • The inten­tion is to expand med­ic­aid and tran­si­tion to be an econ­o­my. There will be a social work­er with every new mom. 
  • Alos in the bill is to pay for the tuition for any­one in men­tal health. 
  • HB140 there are no crim­i­nal con­se­quences to the trans­gen­der youth. There aren’t any protests against the bill. 
  • Ccdfusa.com

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