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David Cross On Halderman Report — We Are Out Of Next Times!

  • The report is ter­ri­fy­ing. The mal­ware can change the results with­out detec­tion. 159 open records on slog files. A sys­tem log file is a diary that the scan­ner and the machines keep. Only 60 coun­ties sent slog files. There is a William Ten­nessee error that caus­es votes not to be count­ed. The mal­ware in the machines can alter the QR codes and human read­able text. 
  • The Sec of State had the report even though it was sealed and would not do the sys­tem updates until after the 2024 elections. 
  • Raf­fensperg­er will not get on the phone to talk about the issue. All we have got­ten is denials, unre­turned phone calls. 
  • Going to elec­tion board meet­ings and show­ing this report. The machines that they forced on the coun­ties are uncon­sti­tu­tion­al. You have to have the vote by the peo­ple in the coun­ties to use these faulty machines. It is insane how much mon­ey is being torched on these machines. 
  • Your coun­ty is respon­si­ble for your elections. 
  • There is no way to prove what hap­pened because no one has com­pared the paper bal­lots to the dig­i­tal record. 
  • Elec­tion fraud is tar­get­ed. Because wide­spread fraud is too easy to catch. There are 13 ways to do it. 
  • This is obvi­ous that GA needs to go to paper ballots. 
  • Find out when your next coun­ty elec­tion board meet­ing is. Take a copy of the report and hand it out. IF you do want to reach out to your sen­a­tors and rep­re­sen­ta­tives. We are try­ing to talk to law­mak­ers and they don’t believe what we say. Let the leg­isla­tive lead­ers know that teams of elec­tion integri­ty mem­bers will ascend on the cap­i­tal to protest for paper ballots. 
  • We are out of next-times. We only have the 2024 leg­isla­tive ses­sion to get it right. 

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