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Everything Is Set Up To Stop Trump, Because He Would Clean Out The Deep State

  • We are not going to come off the Hal­der­man report. Just read the sum­ma­ry. The machine they stud­ied did not have the elec­tion on it. So they can not exam­ine what hap­pened with the elec­tion. But they did expose the vulnerabilities. 
  • Blinken is going to China. 
  • This polling is after Trump’s most recent indict­ment. But they want you to know that he can’t win, and the down bal­lot races will suf­fer. Are we look­ing at 5 indict­ments for Don­ald Trump before you cast a bal­lot? The Amer­i­can peo­ple get it. The indict­ments are not hurt­ing Trump. 
  • Trump stub­born­ly reject­ed lawyers’ attempts to set­tle clas­si­fied doc­u­ments as furi­ous advi­sors claim they were mis­led into believ­ing box­es con­tained only news­pa­per clip­pings and clothes. 
  • Why is the may­or of Mia­mi run­ning for pres­i­dent? Trump has done amaz­ing­ly well with the his­pan­ic com­mu­ni­ty. The fastest grow­ing sup­port for Trump is the his­pan­ic com­mu­ni­ty. They have to stop that. Trump won Mia­mi in the 2020 elec­tion. He is very pop­u­lar with the his­pan­ics and espe­cial­ly the Cuban community. 
  • Every­thing is set up to stop Trump. Won­der what could hap­pen if Trump got elect­ed.. Would he clean out the deep state? 
  • The state of GA fis­cal econ­o­mist: it may be time to scale back GA film tax cred­it. The enor­mous film tax cred­it, you can’t throw tax abate­ment at all of these EV man­u­fac­tures that you have giv­en out and still sus­tain the film tax credit. 
  • TX Gov Abbott says state has dropped off first bus of migrants in LA after South­ern Cal­i­for­nia city declared itself a sanc­tu­ary. But we can’t turn a blind to Med­ic­aid spend­ing for ille­gal immi­grants more than dou­bled in FY2021 to $7B in just over 2 years under May­orkas. WE can not sus­tain­ably cov­er the health­care of 7 mil­lion illegals. 
  • Vacan­cies swell in SF mall due to crime and mall is not pay­ing the $500M loan back.
  • A new poll shows Kennedy rank­ing high­er in favor­a­bil­i­ty than oth­er major 2024 candidates. 
  • Lets see how fast the bridge gets rebuilt in Philly after a col­lapse on I95.
  • Sad­dle­Back Church has been boot­ed from south­ern bap­tist con­ven­tion for allow­ing female pastors. 

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