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All Star Political Panel — Ukraine, 2024 Candidates

  • They just had a 2 day sum­mit in Ukraine. Blinken was there and pri­vate com­pa­nies were there. Is that the war­mon­ger cycle? Start the war, pour mon­ey into the war, then repair. Where do the Russian’s go from here? If we would have end­ed Afghanistan and come home the war­mon­gers had to start anoth­er war. 
  • The optics of Blinken in Chi­na made us look like fools. 
  • Are we at the point of selec­tion or do we still have election. 
  • DeSan­tis is not Amer­i­ca First. He wants to take off the tar­iffs on Chi­na. In 2018, DeSan­tis was tapped to run in 2024. 
  • Vivek paid Wik­ileaks to scrub Soros grant from his bio. Every­thing he does and every­thing seems to be put into a pro­gram to be every­thing a MAGA can­di­date should be. Is Vivek the first AI can­di­date? If he can talk some­one out of $400M can he talk some­one out of a vote. 
  • Pence’s cam­paign is every­thing that we like about the Trump admin­is­tra­tion in Pence’s doing.  Why does Pence keep going back to the abor­tion thing.. Trump is wob­bly on abor­tion. Pence is say­ing that he is the one that put the 3 pro life judges in the Supreme Court. 
  • The Brett Bier inter­view didn’t play well for Trump. There will be sev­er­al that will get indict­ed in Atlanta. Trump will get indict­ed in Atlanta. There is an all out attack on GA to take GA away from Trump. Trump might have a total of 5 or 6 indict­ments for Trump when it is all said and done. 
  • Can’t count out Robert Kennedy, Jr. There are peo­ple that are lik­ing Kennedy. 
  • Kari Lake is stay­ing at Mar-a-Lago and has her own suite. 
  • Win­ners and Losers

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