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We Have To Win The War, It Goes Beyond The 2024 Presidential Election

  • The mil­i­tary state must be stopped. 
  • The sum­mer Davos is back in China. 
  • We have to win the war. The war is not going to be won in 2024 with just the pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. Par­ents are in the way. They are tired of the pre­na­tal rights and that par­ents are in the way of mold­ing and groom­ing the children. 
  • Gen­der and race is ener­giz­ing the folks on the right. Usu­al­ly your board of edu­ca­tion races are non-par­ti­san. 70% that are win­ning the races are not polit­i­cal. Parental rights should trump every­thing. Our coun­try was found­ed and our school was found­ed and parental rights had their place. Par­ents have been moved out of the way. Parental rights is a ral­ly cry? They are reclaim­ing the God giv­en rights. The par­ents are talk­ing back and stop­ping the groom­ing and mold­ing of the kids at school. Gen­er­al­ly repub­li­cans leave these races alone but not now. Repub­li­cans have to win in 2024 and return san­i­ty to our coun­try. We have to win in all races up to the pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed states. 
  • Go to the com­mis­sion and board of edu­ca­tion meet­ings and return it to the Amer­i­can val­ues that we know and love. Parental rights isn’t a cam­paign slo­gan, it is a given. 
  • Detroit par­ents slam decep­tive teach­ers and demand the truth about hid­den screens com­put­er sys­tems that con­ceal stu­dents’ trans ID from their fam­i­lies. DailyMail.com this month revealed how teach­ers across the Mid­west gath­ered online and trad­ed tips on how to help chil­dren tran­si­tion in class while keep­ing it a secret from their parents. 
  • DeSan­tis los­es ground in New Hamp­shire as he holds a duel­ing event with Trump: lat­est poll in first pri­ma­ry state shows FL gov­er­nor fallin 10 more points behind ex-pres­i­dent. Despite ear­ly gains in NH Ron DeSan­tis has slid 10 points among Repub­li­can vot­ers, giv­ing the for­mer Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump an even big­ger advantage. 
  • Kevin McCarhty does a rapid U‑turn after risk­ing Trump’s wrath by say­ing he doesn’t know if the ex-pres­i­dent is the strongest GOP can­di­date. McCarthy ques­tioned whether Don­ald Trump is the strongest can­di­date to win the 2024 nom­i­na­tion in a com­ment that raised eye­brows Tues­day morning. 
  • Brad Raf­fensperg­er has not done any­thing pos­i­tive for repub­li­cans in the state of GA. 
  • Tuck­er asked this ques­tion. Why are we at war with Rus­sia? Ukraine has can­celed their elec­tions. Ukraine is the democ­ra­cy we have to pro­tect but Zelen­sky has can­celed until he has every­thing set. 
  • Putin does not allow an attack or a coup on him. 

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