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The Next Stop On The Trump Indictment Roadshow Is GA.

  • The next stop on the Trump Indict­ment Road­show is GA. at one side of town at a cer­tain time Trump will be indict­ed. And on the oth­er side of town at a cer­tain time Kemp will be on stage with Traidor Pence. 
  • They are the Trump Pros­e­cu­tion Team. They can’t through the Trump media pro­duc­tion team to get the real news. They are going to run cov­er for Joe Biden. The fix is in but we have too many eyes on the elec­tion to pre­vent the steal. 
  • They want Trump arrest­ed. They are wait­ing for Trump to say some­thing so they can go arrest him. The satel­lite trucks are ready. 
  • No one is hap­py with Bide­nomics. American’s know the real numbers. 
  • Who says repub­li­cans are too busy eat­ing their own… It’s the estab­lish­ment that says it. Because we don’t con­form. And because we don’t con­form we are called rad­i­cal con­spir­a­cy theorists.
  • Chris Christie went to Ukraine to get in on the action. 
  • The US sent destroy­ers after stun­ning Rus­sia, Chi­na joint naval oper­a­tions off the coast of Alas­ka. 11 Chi­nese and Russ­ian war­ships con­duct high­ly provoca­tive drills near Alaska’s coast. Chi­na and Rus­sia launched an unprece­dent­ed joint naval drill near US waters ear­li­er this week, spark­ing a major response from the US Navy. 

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