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RNC Summer Meeting Sides With The Grassroots Activists

  • Last week the RNC had their sum­mer meet­ing. For any­one that turns their back on the peo­ple. The RNC said that the grass­roots activists of the Repub­li­can Par­ty have dis­cov­ered and made it abun­dant­ly clear that there are rec­og­nized prob­lems with the elec­tron­ic elec­tion pro­ce­dures and inten­tion­al com­pli­ca­tions of insti­tut­ed sys­tems that com­pli­cate, bela­bor and slow down our elec­tion processes. 
  • It is our gov­er­nor and law­mak­ers that are not sup­port­ing the people. 
  • RNC resolved that elec­tion experts agree that the most resilient vot­ing sys­tems use paper bal­lots, either marked by hand or with an assis­tive device and are ver­i­fied by the vot­er before any means of tab­u­la­tion. And the RNC has unan­i­mous­ly opposed com­pli­cat­ed elec­tion schemes like Ranked Choice Voting. 
  • Last year the GA leg­isla­tive ses­sion pro­posed Rank choice Vot­ing for GA. 
  • The RNC calls on state leg­is­la­tures …to pass laws …. For full trans­par­ent hand count­ing pro­ce­dures that are planned, time­ly and ful­ly observ­able by the public…
  • Elim­i­nat­ing mobile vot­ing cen­ters and drop boxes. 
  • Do not any­one on a state lev­el or dis­trict lev­el tell you in the state of GA that this is not impor­tant and is not some­thing that the vot­ers have con­cerns about. It is not wrong to ask law­mak­ers to call for a spe­cial session. 
  • When a law­mak­er says we don’t have the votes for a spe­cial ses­sion, then maybe we have the votes to vote you out. Don’t you think that when 61% say there was a prob­lem with the elec­tion and Trump is hold­ing 57% in GA, they are look­ing for a pri­ma­ry opponent. 
  • Glenn Beck: “Trump’s fed­er­al elec­tion case goes to court on March 4, 2024. Wow What a coin­ci­dence! That’s the day before Super Tues­day. How is this NOT elec­tion interference?!”

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