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What’s Good For The Goose is Good For the Gander


Sub­mit­ted by George McClellan 

Joe Biden whines that Repub­li­cans want to impeach him because they want to destroy his gov­ern­ment. Nobody’s told Joe yet, but we don’t have a gov­ern­ment just a clown show of tricks and sleight-of-hand machi­na­tions to keep Amer­i­cans con­fused while they set about to sys­tem­at­i­cal­ly com­plete Obama’s plan to fun­da­men­tal­ly change Amer­i­ca. Democ­rats have sub­vert­ed all that was good in Amer­i­ca and they don’t want to stop now. 

After much pain, gnash­ing of teeth and rend­ing of cloth­ing, Speak­er McCarthy final­ly got his job because the Con­ser­v­a­tive Free­dom Cau­cus had him by the gonads. He made con­ces­sions to their agen­da he didn’t want to make but is now forced to do like start­ing the impeach­ment process of Joe Biden. Actu­al­ly, it’s imma­te­r­i­al they don’t have the votes or that the Sen­ate will not vote to impeach, it’s enough that the Democ­rats and the pro­pa­gan­da media that prais­es them is put on the defen­sive. That’s where they should stay until the next elec­tion. The Demo­c­rat par­ty is the ene­my with­in, not con­ser­v­a­tive MAGA sup­port­er’s as they attempt to por­tray us. In fact they have already start­ed fill­ing pris­ons with Trump con­ser­v­a­tives for the peace­ful protests against the Demo­c­rat party’s elec­tion frauds. So, now what? We keep attack­ing Bide­nomics as the eco­nom­ic dis­as­ter it has become for Amer­i­cans; keep Democ­rats defend­ing the inde­fen­si­ble and start attack­ing Blue State gov­er­nors turned dic­ta­tors like New Mex­i­co’s Gov­er­nor, Michelle Lujan Grisham’s who had the imper­ti­nence to think she could sus­pend the  2nd Amend­ment. I don’t think she thought that one out. It might come back to bite her. 

So, with Democ­rats exposed as our real inter­nal ene­my, it might explain why they aren’t pay­ing atten­tion to our exter­nal ene­mies, Rus­sia, Chi­na, No. Korea and Iran who have coa­lesced into a mutu­al aide soci­ety against the West as a new axis of evil. Not see­ing the over­all pic­ture, Biden insists on squan­der­ing tax­pay­er mon­ey on a proxy war with Rus­sia. Fooled by the dam­age Ukraine has already done to Putin’s inept war machine belies the fact that the Rus­sians have reor­ga­nized, are reequip­ping and have dug in in parts of the east­ern Ukraine they already pos­sess and won’t let go while the Ukraini­ans are run­ning out of sol­diers. Who thinks up this stuff? Rather, who doesn’t? Biden’s admin­is­tra­tion doesn’t! Instead, he sends forth his Sec­re­taries as emis­saries to bow and scrape at the feet of Emper­or Ji. 

Our own bor­der is a sieve through which pass­es invit­ed hoards of the worlds igno­rant, des­ti­tute, dis­ease rid­den third-worlders as poten­tial Demo­c­rat vot­ers to slop out of the pub­lic trough. Also embed­ded among them are hoards of young Chi­nese males, sol­diers of the Peo­ples Lib­er­a­tion Army and Jihadists ter­ror­ists, all look­ing for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take action against Amer­i­ca from with­in, which is why Democ­rats want us dis­armed. Joe is China’s crea­ture bought and paid for. We can­not ignore that. Through either Joe’s acqui­esce or com­pli­ance with Ji’s demands, Amer­i­ca has also been flood­ed with hoards of offi­cial Chi­nese work­ers, col­lege stu­dents, sci­en­tists, spies, sabo­teurs, com­mer­cial trav­el­ers and agri­cul­tur­al pro­duc­tion spe­cial­ists all here to take action when Amer­i­c­as inter­nal strife turns deadly. 

A bit more illu­mi­nat­ing stuff about “cook­ing that goose”, is the dra­ma sur­round­ing Hunter Biden’s gun charges. That doesn’t affect us. That whole sto­ry is com­plete sleight of hand. Of course Hunter Biden vio­lat­ed that law and should be pun­ished but what about his oth­er more seri­ous crimes of solic­it­ing bribes, act­ing as an agent of a for­eign gov­ern­ment with­out reg­is­ter­ing as one, and the unpaid tax­es on mil­lions of dol­lars he solicit­ed from Chi­na, Ukraine and Roma­nia. The evi­dence is over­whelm­ing and if not act­ed upon soon by the DOJ, will soon pass beyond the time lim­it for indict­ment of such crimes. Will Joe Biden, like the Clinton’s, sim­ply float away, untouched, unin­dict­ed and free from fur­ther inquiry because the DOJ dragged its feet to pro­tect Joe? The Democ­rats have fought tooth and nail to indict Don­ald Trump for some alleged crimes, but nev­er a Demo­c­rat. I see trou­ble on the hori­zon and the cor­rupt DOJ will use their pow­er to crush all con­ser­v­a­tive pro­test­ers as domes­tic terrorists. 

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