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The Unwarranted Pursuit of Perfecting Societal Mental Health is the Trojan Horse Ushering in the American Police State


Open Your Eyes


After pub­lish­ing my recent Sub­stack, “Tal­itrix Funds Cam­paigns of Local Sher­iffs Cre­at­ing Appar­ent Pay-to-Play Oppor­tu­ni­ties,” a friend let me know of receiv­ing sev­er­al com­ments from oth­ers say­ing, I hit this one on the head. My friend saw those com­ments as mean­ing­ful because evi­dent­ly his friends gen­er­al­ly place my writ­ings in the realm of “con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries.” By con­trast, in this case they thought my arti­cle was “right on.” I laughed and respond­ed, “Lit­tle do they know that those ‘con­spir­a­cy the­o­ry’ arti­cles are just as ‘right on.’” 

The only dif­fer­ence between my recent arti­cle, and per­haps some oth­ers is the fact that in this one I report­ed on mat­ters which had already occurred, which any­one can see. In many of my oth­er arti­cles, I try to con­nect dots for read­ers, ana­lyz­ing and dis­play­ing rel­e­vance on mat­ters that have not yet become ful­ly appar­ent, but which I expect like­ly will. Some read­ers see the con­nec­tions I bring to light imme­di­ate­ly, while oth­ers may nev­er see them. 

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Observ­ing this pat­tern of behav­ior play­ing out repeat­ed­ly, I have con­clud­ed that only cer­tain indi­vid­u­als may be capa­ble of see­ing what I and per­haps oth­ers see. I expect that is because, in their hearts they real­ly do not desire to see. They would rather per­ceive a sug­ar-coat­ed world from behind rose-col­ored glass­es, which of course is fine if that is what they want to do. But, to me, look­ing at the world that way seems to dis­re­gard that which God has pur­posed. From Scrip­ture we under­stand the impor­tance God attach­es to know­ing and under­stand­ing the truth. God tells us, we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. God has promised that He will reveal the truth to any­one who desires. All we must do is ask. Scrip­ture promis­es, should we knock, the door shall open; should we seek, we shall find; should we ask, we shall receive spir­i­tu­al sight to make these con­nec­tions. Scales shall fall from our eyes. That said, I must warn, be care­ful what you may ask to see. Be ready. Although the world is beau­ti­ful on the sur­face, it is hideous below. Your heart must be ready to see the dark side of this world before the gift of spir­i­tu­al sight can be giv­en. Once one sees, one can­not “unsee.” There is no going back. 

Scrip­ture tells us that endur­ing real­i­ty is found only in a spir­i­tu­al realm. Per­haps you recall the sto­ry of Prophet Elisha allay­ing the fears of his ser­vant observ­ing that, in the nat­ur­al, the ene­my had them sur­round­ed. Elisha feared not, for unlike his ser­vant, he could see that “they that be with us are more than they that be with them.” Elisha prayed the young man’s eyes be opened to the spir­i­tu­al knowl­edge that supe­ri­or forces would pro­tect them from seem­ing inevitable harm, giv­en their world­ly circumstances. 

By and large, the pub­lic heart is of this world, find­ing it much more com­fort­able to believe a beau­ti­ful lie, rather than con­tem­plate an ugly truth. God has warned us of the con­se­quence of choos­ing lies over the truth. For those who enjoy the lies, He promis­es strong delusion. 

Seen any strong delu­sion late­ly? I see strong delu­sion every day. Just walk out in pub­lic. I see peo­ple who solid­ly believe the nar­ra­tive they have been told, even though lit­tle of it makes sense, hear­ing what they want to hear while dis­re­gard­ing the rest. 

A Trojan Horse is Presently Wheeling into Position in America

The rea­son I begin today with such a pro­logue is to set the stage for what I’m about to tell you. And that is that, whether you can present­ly see it or not, a police state is being erect­ed in Amer­i­ca, right before your eyes. When the Amer­i­can police state is com­plet­ed, most of the pub­lic will only rec­og­nize it in hind­sight. That’s too late. Although it will have been built in plain view of every­one, most will nev­er sus­pect the truth of what they see until it is unde­ni­able. They would nev­er sus­pect such a truth because, essen­tial­ly, they do not want to see it, choos­ing instead to see a world through rose-col­ored glass­es, ignor­ing the many signs to the contrary. 

When the Amer­i­can police state is com­plete, it will have been ush­ered into place by those pre­tend­ing to be most con­cerned with the MENTAL HEALTH of Amer­i­can soci­ety. That is the lie they are telling you, and many or most believe it. As the expres­sion goes, “They are pee­ing on your leg and telling you it’s rain­ing.” Fur­ther­more, they are tak­ing your hard-earned tax dol­lars, while you watch, and are build­ing a vir­tu­al, tech­no­log­i­cal­ly supe­ri­or, data-min­ing prison to track you and con­trol you. To that even­tu­al pur­pose, 2023 expen­di­tures by the Geor­gia Depart­ment of Behav­ioral Health and Devel­op­men­tal Dis­abil­i­ties, osten­si­bly pur­su­ing a per­fect­ed state of soci­etal men­tal health, exceed 1.3 BILLION tax dollars. 

Have you noticed any­one becom­ing more sane because of all the mon­ey spent on men­tal health by state government? 

The over­whelm­ing pre­oc­cu­pa­tion exhib­it­ed by the State of Geor­gia to pro­mote “behav­ioral health” among the pub­lic is a ver­i­ta­ble Tro­jan Horse, the vehi­cle by which a police state is being con­struct­ed in plain sight. And that is why you may have seen such strin­gent pub­lic resis­tance to “men­tal health” bills, HB1013 and HB520, over the last two Geor­gia Gen­er­al Assem­blies. HB1013 opened the door for the State of Geor­gia to cap­i­tal­ize DBHDD with a bil­lion dol­lar per year bud­get. HB520 would walk us through that door, set­ting into motion the cre­ation of infra­struc­ture to both track indi­vid­u­als the gov­ern­ment iden­ti­fies as nec­es­sary, but also to gath­er and store unlim­it­ed bio­met­ric data and moment-by-moment move­ments with­in a subject’s phys­i­cal bound­aries lim­it­ed by the state. They will tell you that the data-min­ing sys­tem is only designed to help peo­ple with behav­ioral health symp­toms, enabling them to func­tion in soci­ety out­side walls of incar­cer­a­tion. I cau­tion any­one against judg­ing the gov­ern­ment as to pur­pos­es it may claim, as opposed to pur­pos­es its actions may make possible.

The unwar­rant­ed pur­suit of per­fect­ing soci­etal men­tal health is the Tro­jan horse ush­er­ing in the Amer­i­can police state

Last May, I informed you that on the last day of the gen­er­al assem­bly, cer­tain egre­gious pro­vi­sions in SB520 had been extract­ed and passed by both hous­es under a dif­fer­ent bill, SB23. At that time, SB23 was sit­ting on the governor’s desk await­ing his sig­na­ture. The acronym “GDAC” refers to the Geor­gia Data Ana­lyt­ics Cen­ter. I wrote, 

“There were two main sec­tions of HB520, (1) the col­lect­ing and trans­mit­ting of data and pre­dic­tive ana­lyt­ics from an EXTERIOR DATA SOURCE, and (2) the receiv­ing and shar­ing of the same across all exec­u­tive agen­cies. Under part (2) above, which passed under SB23, upon the governor’s sig­na­ture GDAC would become an AGENT TO ALL EXECUTIVE AGENCIES. That means GDAC would act as a seam­less, fric­tion­less cen­tral node in the sys­tem, RECEIVING data and pre­dic­tive ana­lyt­ics from any and all exec­u­tive state agen­cies, and TRANSMITTING the same to any and all oth­er exec­u­tive state agen­cies mere­ly upon request, with no con­sid­er­a­tion regard­ing a ‘need-to-know,’ or rea­son an exec­u­tive state agency may make such a request. Once infor­ma­tion is received by ONE state exec­u­tive agency, it would there­fore belong to ALL exec­u­tive state agen­cies. Under this pro­vi­sion, GDAC would func­tion as a mind­less robot, receiv­ing ‘gov­ern­ment infor­ma­tion’ from both inte­ri­or AND EXTERIOR DATA SOURCES, and trans­mit­ting that infor­ma­tion upon request. There­fore, upon the governor’s sig­na­ture of SB23, once both parts of HB520 would pass into law, data and pre­dic­tive ana­lyt­ics col­lect­ed and trans­mit­ted from a mon­i­tor­ing enti­ty would be owned and acces­si­ble by all state exec­u­tive agen­cies, no ques­tions asked. That is egre­gious, and the unchecked pow­er of GDAC to trans­mit this infor­ma­tion, regard­less of rea­son, is dan­ger­ous to the per­son­al free­dom of indi­vid­u­als in the system.”

In that same arti­cle, I demon­strat­ed how the pro­vi­sions of SB23 were uncon­sti­tu­tion­al. Inter­est­ing­ly, as I wrote a few weeks lat­er, Gov­er­nor Kemp vetoed the HB23, seem­ing­ly agree­ing with me that cer­tain pro­vi­sions were uncon­sti­tu­tion­al. About the governor’s veto I wrote, 

My thanks to Gov­er­nor Kemp, how­ev­er, dis­solved on Sep­tem­ber 1 of this year, as Georgia’s chief exec­u­tive signed an exec­u­tive order pro­vid­ing vir­tu­al­ly the same author­i­ties to GDAC con­veyed under SB23, pre­vi­ous­ly con­veyed under HB520, and which he vetoed. Kemp’s veto was a smokescreen. 

Once again, I urge you to judge the gov­ern­ment not as to pur­pos­es it claims, but as to pur­pos­es its actions make pos­si­ble. The infra­struc­ture nec­es­sary to pro­vide data stor­age and trans­mis­sion to and from any and all state agen­cies, as described in these pro­vi­sions, could eas­i­ly be divert­ed to mon­i­tor and con­trol any­one the gov­ern­ment deter­mines has “behav­ioral health” symp­toms. Over and over, we have seen how gov­ern­ment agen­cies have been used for polit­i­cal per­se­cu­tion. These pro­vi­sions could, and like­ly would, be used the same way. 

Consolidation of Behavioral Health Standards Under One Heading

The behav­ioral health com­mu­ni­ty has begun aggre­gat­ing indi­vid­u­als with men­tal health prob­lems or addic­tions into one category. 

Behav­ioral health doc­trine aggre­gat­ing var­i­ous diag­noses under one head­ing, “men­tal health”

Should these indi­vid­u­als become what HB520 refers as, “famil­iar faces,” an entire spec­trum of behav­ioral con­cerns would then be cat­e­go­rized under a sin­gle head­ing the bill refers as, “seri­ous men­tal ill­ness,” a term which it fails to define oth­er­wise. By group­ing all of these indi­vid­u­als under the same diag­no­sis, that being “seri­ous men­tal ill­ness,” every­one in that group, includ­ing those who have fre­quent con­tact with (1) the crim­i­nal jus­tice sys­tem, (2) the behav­ioral health sys­tem, or (3) become home­less, could at the stroke of a pen find them­selves being mon­i­tored, the sys­tem con­stant­ly gath­er­ing bio­met­ric and GPS data and stor­ing it at GDAC to be used by vir­tu­al­ly any state agency that requests. 

Lines from HB520

Multi-State, Police Jurisdiction Laws Already on the Books

State laws and inter­state agree­ments cre­at­ing a mul­ti-state “seri­ous men­tal ill­ness” juris­dic­tion­al drag­net are already on the books of Geor­gia, and prac­ti­cal­ly every oth­er state in the nation. The Geor­gia law is Ga. Code § 37–10‑2, enti­tled, “Geor­gia Inter­state Com­pact on Men­tal Health.” 

The com­pact autho­rizes the following: 

Thus, accord­ing to this agree­ment among the states, dan­ger­ous, or poten­tial­ly dan­ger­ous “patients,” hav­ing vacat­ed their orig­i­nal juris­dic­tions of con­fine­ment in one state, when tracked to any oth­er state, shall be appre­hend­ed and returned to his or her orig­i­nal juris­dic­tion with no for­mal extra­di­tion pro­ceed­ing. At this point, all that would be nec­es­sary to close the loop cre­at­ing a police state would be to have indi­vid­u­als on-call autho­rized to diag­nose and issue such orders. Those laws and mul­ti-state juris­dic­tion­al agree­ments are also already on the books, and can be found under Ga. Code § 43–10A-51, the “Pro­fes­sion­al Coun­selor Licens­ing Compact. 

Pro­fes­sion­al Coun­selors Licen­sure Com­pact Already on the Books

Pro­vi­sion “O.” defines the term ‘Licensed Pro­fes­sion­al Coun­selor’ as an indi­vid­ual autho­rized to “diag­nose behav­ioral health conditions.” 

Once an indi­vid­ual is labeled a “famil­iar face,” and diag­nosed with a “behav­ioral health con­di­tion,” a “Licensed Pro­fes­sion­al Coun­selor” in one state would be autho­rized to sign an order for such an indi­vid­ual to be arrest­ed and returned across state lines to his or her orig­i­nal juris­dic­tion, where one can rea­son­ably expect he or she would be con­fined until such time as the coun­selor believes the indi­vid­ual would no longer be a flight risk or a danger. 

On May 21, 2021, Georgia’s Bri­an Kemp became the first gov­er­nor in the nation to sign on to the “Pro­fes­sion­al Counselor’s Licens­ing Com­pact.” Are you surprised? 

Dots All Connected

The dots I just con­nect­ed for you illus­trate the truth that the unwar­rant­ed pur­suit of per­fect­ing soci­etal men­tal health in Geor­gia is a Tro­jan horse ush­er­ing in the Amer­i­can police state. There are inter­est­ed par­ties serv­ing as agents in the Geor­gia leg­is­la­ture to bring about these pur­pos­es. They stand to prof­it from these plans becom­ing real­i­ty. I just showed you how the plan would work. Now, open your eyes. Ask for vision to see. If this gen­er­a­tion fails to stop these plans from suc­ceed­ing, your chil­dren and children’s chil­dren, will nev­er know what it means to be free. 

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