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Pass SB154 during GA 2024 session

In case you did­n’t know, GA Law, OCGA 16–12-104, Library Excep­tion, allows age-inap­pro­pri­ate mate­r­i­al in our K‑12 school libraries.
Dur­ing the 2023 GA Leg­isla­tive ses­sion, SB154 was cre­at­ed to remove Geor­gia’s K‑12 school libraries from the “Library Excep­tion” law. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the bill did not make it out of com­mit­tee dur­ing the 2023 Leg­isla­tive ses­sion. We need to get this bill passed in the 2024 Leg­isla­tive session.
1. The ONLINE peti­tion to be sent to our leg­is­la­tors, urg­ing their sup­port of and pas­sage of SB154 dur­ing the 2024 Leg­isla­tive session
2. OCGA 16–12-103 (GA obscen­i­ty law)
3. OCGA 16–12-104 (GA Library Excep­tion law)
Will you PLEASE for­ward this email to every­one you know that lives in GA?
K‑12 school libraries MUST be removed from the GA “Library Excep­tion” law. SB154 sim­ply removes the word “school” from OCGA 16–12-104. This slight change will pre­vent K‑12 libraries from being exempt from the law.
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