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They Want You To Believe That Biden Can Be Tough

  • Every­one knows that Chau­vin did not kill George Floyd. 
  • They want you to believe that Biden can be tough. This is where we will get Rea­ganesque.  They are going to paint the pic­ture that Joe Biden took over at a time when Amer­i­ca was at the point that he had no choice but con­tin­ue the spend­ing pat­tern that was start­ed. And that Joe’s poli­cies have worked. And Joe did all the right things. 
  • In Rea­gan’s first term the infla­tion was up. And he put all these poli­cies in place and they worked. Remem­ber the first 2 years were rough, then it turned around. We were com­ing out of Jim­my Carter, now we are com­ing out of Don­ald Trump. 
  • It was a suc­cess­ful meet­ing and Xi was so hap­py that he may return the pan­das. Xi offers coop­er­a­tion, agrees not to send so much fen­tanyl, a cli­mate agree­ment. Xi is in on the illu­sion, because Chi­na can’t have Trump in office again. 
  • Every­thing was script­ed by the Deep State to look Rea­ganesque. Be ready for the illu­sion for things to get bet­ter before the next election. 

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