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    Supreme Court Ruling at 10 am. Ballot Harvesting


    At 10:00 a.m. June 30,2021. Ari­zona and the Supreme Court will make a rul­ing on Bal­lot Har­vest­ing. Do you know how to fill out your bal­lots, Amer­i­ca? Would you like to fill the bal­lot out at your house sir? I will come and get the vot­ers bal­lot and make sure it is deliv­ered to the prop­er place for ya! Pres­i­dent Trump endors­es Her­schel Walk­er for Sen­ate, in 2022. #HKP ends today with dis­cussing the results of the Re-appor­tion­ment meet­ing held in Forsyth Coun­ty last night. 


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