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Lori and BKP talk about the rooster killer, parade shooter and more


We can’t get peo­ple that are assault­ing peo­ple to stay in jail and we have an arrest of a man because he killed a roost­er because the roost­er was attack­ing him.
Lori high­lights the bor­der and keeps that updat­ed for us. 

What we know about Robert Crimo, the High­land Park IL parade shoot­er. What we know about his social media. Where are the prob­lems? We know it’s not the gun. It’s the peo­ple that use the weapons. legal or ille­gal. If they spent a lit­tle less time telling the con­ser­v­a­tives that our posts are fake or inap­pro­pri­ate, and focus on the tru­ly harm­ful and vio­lent con­tent of these young peo­ple that are caus­ing hav­oc with these increased shoot­ing inci­dents. When do social media posts? The music lyrics? the tat­too place­ment on the face? become dis­turb­ing. Or is it the social media posts about the 2020 elec­tion, COVID, Jan­u­ary 6. Wish they were sav­ing life like they are say­ing they are try­ing to save our democ­ra­cy. Is social media the same weapon as the gun? The sick­ness is the social media and the kids. 

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