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MUST WATCTH — BKP talks to Rob Cunningham about the economy and recession


Amer­i­can peo­ple are not lis­ten­ing to the MSM to believe that we are in a reces­sion and where we are head­ing finan­cial­ly. All of the finan­cial big banks are cau­tious on what they say. 

Roubini’s call for the pro­duc­tion of the shal­low reces­sion is delu­sion­al. The Biden admin­is­tra­tion is try­ing to refine a reces­sion, but we know that 2 neg­a­tive growth quar­ters con­sti­tute a reces­sion. They need 90 days to try to win the Sen­ate. The reces­sion is a megath­reat, a severe reces­sion and finan­cial cri­sis. We have stagfla­tion with a high debt ratio of 420%. The print­ing of the mon­ey dur­ing COVID cre­at­ed zom­bie cor­po­ra­tions. If an accoun­tant looked at the books they would say that the US is bank­rupt and just doesn’t know it. Con­sumer Con­fi­dence is down to 95.7 and home sales are down. Fed reserve Jerome Pow­ell is sup­posed to come out today to announce .75 pt increase in inter­est rates means high­er mort­gage rates, cred­it cards, auto loans, stu­dent loans. Retail stores stocks are falling. Chief Eco­nom­ic Advi­sor, Mohamed El-Erian says we are not in a reces­sion. That a reces­sion goes beyond 2 quar­ters of neg­a­tive GDP growth. Say­ing the Fed­er­al Reserve is push­ing us into a recession. 

The smoke and mir­rors of the sanc­tions on Rus­sia is a joke. And the world finan­cial stage and what we are expe­ri­enc­ing at home. 

Rob Cun­ning­ham: The words smoke and mir­rors are crit­i­cal to fig­ure out what the game is, how we are being played and the role of the banker is. Black­rock and van­guard 5 cor­po­rate enti­ties own 90% of all the assets on the plan­et and all the mes­sag­ing we get as a pop­u­la­tion. If infor­ma­tion comes out of Black Rock it is not to serve us. Their agen­da is their agen­da. The fed is not here to love us. They don’t give a damn about us. Bankers are not here to love us and bankers run the world. 50% of all the mon­ey intro­duced in our coun­try in 276 years has been intro­duced into the mar­ket in the last 24 months. They are destroy­ing our cur­ren­cy in front of our eyes. Destroy­ing the val­ue of the dol­lar. The load of debt the US has right now is equiv­a­lent to earn­ing 60K a year and hav­ing 100M in debt and the next 10 gen­er­a­tions will nev­er get rid of it. All the noise and pre­dic­tions, we are in a reces­sion and bor­der­line depres­sion. By rais­ing the inter­est rates not only will they destroy the mid­dle class in Amer­i­ca but they will oblit­er­ate the third world coun­tries that depend on the dol­lar. The feds reck­less pol­i­cy ras­ing inter­est rates at the time we are liv­ing in today is sui­cide. Is the fed there to help us or to destroy us? There will be 2 options, go to a cen­tral bank or decen­tral­ize where all nations will be able to cre­ate their own mon­ey sup­ply inside their own borders. 

Zom­bie Cor­po­ra­tions: there has been free mon­ey since 08=09, inter­est rates have been down vir­tu­al­ly at zero then the stim­u­lus mon­ey came into play dur­ing the pan­dem­ic. And cor­po­ra­tions use the mon­ey to buy back all your stock. Caus­ing the stock prices to go up but less stocks up caus­ing the wealth gap to go up. ⅔ of the US econ­o­my is based on con­sumer spend­ing. Right now the con­sumer isn’t spend­ing any­thing right now. If the con­sumer does­n’t spend because the rates are high the earn­ings will be zero caus­ing the cor­po­ra­tions to go bankrupt. 

Are we beyond the print­ing to make up the dif­fer­ence for the lack of funds to pay the debt. 

We are in the eye of the storm. Austin, TX has had the high­est record of home sales and no bids with price cuts week­ly. High car repos, deal­er­ships buy­ing acres of land to park cars. The cars went up because of the lack of sup­ply to fix the cars, and the sup­ply and demand destroyed the used car. Some are say­ing we are on the back side. Most of the infla­tion in Europe is based on ener­gy prices. The Fed can’t fix the sup­ply chain and get Europe the fuel they need to heat this win­ter. Ger­many is threat­en­ing to break from Biden because they will not be able to sur­vive the win­ter. Ger­many needs the fuel from Rus­sia. That is the break­ing point of the glob­al econ­o­my. The Brics nations, Brazil, Rus­sia, India, South Africa, Chi­na Account for 58% of human­i­ty on Earth have left the US dol­lar, and gone to pre­cious met­als or min­er­als or com­modi­ties where there is true val­ue to their cur­ren­cy. There are 10 more nations that are leav­ing the swift and cre­at­ing the trad­ing chan­nels to a non-US dol­lar trad­ing channel. 

Rus­sia has told the buy­ers that they will sell in Rubles. 

The US has sent all their man­u­fac­tur­ing off­shore to clean up the cli­mate in the 70s. The US does­n’t have any man­u­fac­tur­ing infra­struc­ture so many of our sup­plies are cre­at­ed in third world nations. Now we are here need­ing all these things from third world nations. Rus­sia is a store, they dic­tate the form of pay­ment for their goods. Rus­sia is a huge sup­pli­er of oil and gas. Ukraine is a pro­duc­er of food. They are break­ing apart the world that will not rely on the US Dollar. 

The peo­ple around the world are tired of the US call­ing the shots. We don’t have the man­u­fac­tur­ing infra­struc­ture to pro­duce what we need and our dol­lar is not worth toi­let paper. All the talk about inter­est rates and dis­cus­sion on what to do is decep­tion to buy time because we are insol­vent. They are gaslight­ing the coun­try. 75% of the world is leav­ing the dol­lar. The US has come to the end of the world. Either left or right, going to cen­tral­ize the bank and go towards WEF/Schwab where we eat bugs and don’t own any­thing and be hap­py. Or we go to decen­tral­ize our funds. 

Biden and Har­ris on their way out. There are 1000 ways it could go. The elec­tion was per­vert­ed and it wasn’t legit­i­mate. In The MI Supreme court the bal­lot box­es were uncon­sti­tu­tion­al and ille­gal. And AZ is about to do the same thing. And if those two states pull back their elec­tors and get uncer­ti­fied the 2020 elec­tion is back open. Unknown how that would work out. There was fraud, cor­rup­tion, trea­son and every­thing imag­in­able in the 2020 elec­tion to insert a res­i­dent in the White House to be the talk­ing head of the Davos/WEF/Schwab/Brussels.

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