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What a Dangerous World. and It’s REAL


What a dan­ger­ous world. Every morn­ing won­der­ing if it is real. There’s no way it is hap­pen­ing that Biden and fam­i­ly , includ­ing Hunter, get on Air Force One to go on vaca­tion for a week. No way Nan­cy Pelosi takes her cor­rupt son to Tai­wan, No way the FBI seizes a sit­ting con­gress­man­’s cell phone. No way does the FBI raid the for­mer Pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States because of some doc­u­ments. How many wake up and say no way. And in no way is the cor­po­rate cor­rupt media is turn­ing the Titan­ic and one minute they are run­ning for the lifeboat. Then they brag about the string of spend­ing bills to turn around the Titan­ic and call them wins. No way is it real… 

If you want to talk about Civ­il War, it has to be Novem­ber at the Bal­lot box and it’s work­ing. See­ing every­thing out of con­trol, the recourse we have is to take back the House and take back the Sen­ate to stop this mess. If you have a flag fly­ing on your F150 and you don’t stop and vote in Novem­ber then just go on and keep fly­ing those flags. 

Pelosi is a drunk and so is her hus­band. The Son is a crook. Hunter is a strung out on coke. Trump’s kids are work­ing and suc­cess­ful. And they are try­ing to get the box­es from Mar-a-Lago. East­man being shook down com­ing out of a restau­rant. Stone being arrest­ed before day­light. The attor­ney marched out in the front yard in PJ. Hillary Clin­ton mak­ing milk and cook­ies with the FBI. They are pedophiles and Bill Clin­ton in a dress. But every sin­gle thing if you don’t go in Novem­ber and cast a vote in Decem­ber we will still be say­ing that Nan­cy Pelosi is a crim­i­nal. Joe Biden is a crim­i­nal. And they will still be in charge. 

The sta­di­um at capac­i­ty of 86112 is not big enough to hold the 87000 new IRS agents com­ing after you. But don’t fall into what they want you to do or how they want you to feel. 

They have the nerve in front of the Amer­i­can peo­ple to put Hunter Biden on Air Force One. Are they dis­cussing the exit plan? And how the raid is now tak­ing the media off Hunter and Biden will be able to slip out and be allowed to dri­ve his lit­tle red corvette around the block.
Paul Pelosi pleads not guilty to DUI. The whole fam­i­ly is crim­i­nals. They talk about Putin poi­son­ing a polit­i­cal oppo­nent. Has any­one looked around our House. Pauli can’t go on the trip to Tai­wan and Nan­cy brings her crooked son. 

We don’t know what they put in those box­es as the attor­ney was forced to stand at the end of the dri­ve­way as they went through the house. But there was an infor­mant. And we don’t know what they put in those boxes. 

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