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Watch the Timing of release on documents from Mar-a-Lago raid.


They are deter­mined that they will not allow repub­li­cans to turn the tables. No mat­ter what is said, repub­li­cans need to talk about Joe Biden’s Amer­i­can starv­ing chil­dren around the world. Aram­co is a Sau­di ener­gy com­pa­ny show­ing the high­est prof­its in his­to­ry. The old 2 quar­ters of neg­a­tive growth is an out of date def­i­n­i­tion for reces­sion. KJP says the IRA has more to it and the way the repub­li­cans say it, it makes it false. You have to under­stand the top line num­ber. It will affect the top bil­lion­aires. We are going to fight infla­tion and you have to look at it in the totality. 

Watch and see as leaks are released and the tim­ing of how things get released. And how plant­ed evi­dence and plant­ed doc­u­ments. This could be dam­ag­ing down the line. The base is strong and isn’t going any­where. The repub­li­can par­ty bet­ter be ready for Trump. They are no longer think­ing about the House and they think they can win the Senate. 

Nan­cy on Fri­day, moth­er earth gets angry. They will hold a cer­e­mo­ny for the not so Infla­tion reduc­tion act in September. 

Tomor­row will be elec­tion day in WY and AK. Liz Chaney is like­ly fin­ished in WY. David Iver­son will be with us on Wednes­day at 9am to talk about the WY primary. 

One year ago we left Afghanistan and they are rid­ing around with our trucks, our equip­ment and our weapons patrolling to make sure the women are escort­ed and cov­ered and not going to school. While chil­dren are starving. 

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