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The Basis of BKP Politics


The basis of the pro­gram. It is unfor­tu­nate that the media doesn’t report the facts and allow the vot­er to make the deci­sion. The media manip­u­late elec­tions and they aren’t called out for it. The media pulls emo­tion­al stunts and brain­wash­ing to manip­u­late elections. 

Michelle Oba­ma is cam­paign­ing for Warnock in robocalls. 

Bri­an Kemp breaks down why Warnock should not be elect­ed. Bri­an Kemp is doing all he can to get Her­schel Walk­er elect­ed. There may have been crit­i­cism that dur­ing the gen­er­al elec­tion that Bri­an Kemp didn’t get behind Her­schel Walk­er. But many can­di­dates run in their “lane” dur­ing elec­tions, and Bri­an Kemp did his best to stay in his lane dur­ing the elec­tion and beat Stacey Abrams. There are oth­ers doing all they can to get Her­schel elect­ed. The Mega Maga Bus Tour will be in Fan­nin Coun­ty tomor­row at the Senior Cen­ter to draw out sup­port to elect Her­schel Walker. 

It is impor­tant that Her­schel Walk­er become the 50 vote in the Sen­ate. If he is not we will not have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to push back on judges or any of the oth­er things that need to be pushed back on. Elec­tion day is next Tues­day. 51–49 gives them con­trol over rules, rule changes and committees. 

They have tried every­thing to attack Her­schel Walk­er. WE know he has a home in TX. Pro­fes­sion­al ath­letes have homes in the areas they played ball in. But he is from GA and his heart is in GA. He wants to be the next Sen­a­tor of GA. The Dai­ly Beast releas­es an arti­cle to say that only recent­ly did Her­schel claim GA as his residence. 

The media is FCC reg­u­lat­ed, the TV net­works and radio sta­tions. When they manip­u­late our elec­tions some­thing needs to be done about it. 

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