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Continue on asking questions. You have that right.


Con­tin­ue on ask­ing ques­tions. You have that right. Don’t let them shut you up or stop you from get­ting to the truth.
Her­schel Walk­er lost. Was it stolen? No. Was what the judge did wrong? Yes. Some coun­ties are so bad in cor­rup­tion and the only way to get them cor­rect­ed is for the state to take them over. Why did the state offices go repub­li­can and not the senate?
If David Shafer runs again for GOP chair in GA will you sup­port him? Exclu­sive GOP to stay neu­tral should Trump run again. Should Rona McDaniel run again as nation­al GOP chair?
If you do not stand up and pro­tect our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren, all will be lost. When you hear the argu­ment between pol­i­tics and Trump, while the kids get swept under the rug. The media is more con­cerned with Trump run­ning rather than pro­tect­ing our kids from the dan­gers of peo­ple exploit­ing their youthfulness. 

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