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Need To Get Ready For January


Don’t get ner­vous. They are going to tell the DOJ that Trump will be indict­ed and oth­ers on Decem­ber 20.
The extra seat. 51 is big. Judges, nom­i­nees, over­sight, cor­po­rate cor­rup­tion. With 50–50 we were able to push back on judges, nom­i­nees, we could have stopped every­thing that Joe Biden did these first 2 years, if McConnell would have done it. With a 50–50 sen­ate you did not have a split in com­mit­tees, com­mit­tees couldn’t not vote to change rules or sub­poe­na peo­ple to the Sen­ate. You will see some things next year. You need to start brac­ing your­self for next year that Schumer has total con­trol over com­mit­tees. They will make new rules in those com­mit­tees. To them a cor­rupt cor­po­ra­tion is some­one that doesn’t have a woke poli­cies or sick leave. The Sen­ate will start inves­ti­gat­ing Elon Musk. They will run these judges through there so quick­ly. You need to pay atten­tion to what is happening.
Andy Big­gs chal­lenged McCarthy for Speak­er. Andrew Clyde said that con­ser­v­a­tives will run the House.
Jack Smith is a very left lean­ing deep state oper­a­tive. He is pulling all the com­mu­ni­ca­tion from AZ, WI. Joe Biden and DOJ are say­ing that they are tak­ing their hands off. We wait­ed for John Durham to final­ly do some­thing. And we got noth­ing. This guy here the same thing won’t hap­pen. He will take down Amer­i­cans. Peo­ple will not know who he is, the media will say that Biden and the DOJ were hands off. The media will tell sto­ries about how neu­tral he is.
You will have new IRS require­ments to report Pay­Pal and Ven­mo pay­ments over $600.
IN North Car­oli­na they said that the map was ger­ry­man­der­ing. They said that map was drawn to ben­e­fit repub­li­cans. Democ­rats took it to the state supreme court. Now the court can draw their own map. Now it is going to the supreme court of the Unit­ed States. If they side with the state supreme court you will have a prob­lem nationwide.
Peo­ple are talk­ing about how good things are. Peo­ple are spend­ing mon­ey for Christ­mas. Need to get ready for January
Putin says the war is going to last a long time
Biden to-do list. And With Chuck Schumer it will get accomplished.
Every­body is point­ing fin­gers in GA. we have to start point­ing fin­gers in the right direc­tion. We have to talk about the repub­li­can cor­rupt machine. The machine that is stop­ping the aver­age Amer­i­cans that are try­ing to run for office. We are to be in fear to nev­er try it. 

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