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Has GA Turned BLUE?


We have the peo­ple that pre­tend to be repub­li­cans and peo­ple with much need­ed time off.
We just played a video about turn­ing GA blue. FOX news will always be the net­work that called AZ for Joe Biden after 45 min­utes when all said and done the vote dif­fer­ence was 10K. We have turned the state back to blue. Peo­ple act like they don’t know how we got here and don’t know what is next.
Are you call­ing the GA state offices a red wave? Nah it’s main­tain­ing con­trol. If you don’t think the democ­rats are set­ting up to turn the state offices blue. In the next six years GA will be blue. There is a dif­fer­ence in main­tain­ing polit­i­cal pow­er and the red wave.
There is a cer­tain type of vot­er that dis­ap­proves of Biden but is skep­ti­cal of the demo­c­rat par­ty but they do not like Trump. The towns that had white col­lege stu­dents turned out for Kemp but not for Walk­er, the Trump backed can­di­date. BINGO There is the mag­ic word… Trump.
Amer­i­ca has been set up… Biden is ready to run in 2024.
No mat­ter which reporter you saw last night and this morn­ing they had to get the sup­pressed vot­er in the report, some didn’t know how to insert it into the report. But Kemp had to be the sav­ior to try to save the char­ac­ter of Walker.
Trump had a very bad week. Tax fraud and the spe­cial council 

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