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US Mayors Asking for Funding, Democrats Want to Fund Ukraine


Hakeem Jef­feries is going to be the new minor­i­ty leader but before we get to Hakeem Jef­feries. They are doing all they can to stop McCarthy from being major­i­ty leader. In Amer­i­ca, we aren’t look­ing for a per­son that deserves a chance. The motion of vacate is say­ing that after one year they can make a motion to tell McCarthy he has to go. 

Jef­feries says that the repub­li­cans need to come back to a sense of rea­son­able-ism. Or repub­li­cans are going to have to decide that they sur­ren­der. This is how you sur­ren­der using Chris Christie. 

If these were switched par­ties it would be all hell breaks loose but the weak repub­li­cans are qui­et. You can’t even begin the cor­rup­tion and what took place. So many chances for a num­ber of repub­li­cans push back on the nar­ra­tive. They didn’t invite Jim Jor­dan on Fox. 

May­ors across the coun­try sent a let­ter to ask for fund­ing to help them with bor­der secu­ri­ties. But Aguilar quick­ly turned to fund­ing Ukraine. Ernest says we can fund our cities and Ukraine. 

Cobb coun­ty press release say­ing that 6600 vot­ers ask­ing for absen­tee bal­lots will not receive in a time­ly man­ner. Take a look at what is hap­pen­ing with the bal­lots in Cobb county. 

GOP Ways and Means chair declares that all Twit­ter employ­ees involved in Twit­ter coverup of Biden Lap­top sto­ry to pre­serve doc­u­ments. Yet noth­ing on the networks. 

If you have not read this, find the thread called the Twit­ter Files from Matt Taibbi. 

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