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Oh What a Great Year Biden Had? NOT!!!


The Great year Biden had. The bor­der is wide open. The infla­tion reduc­tion act. Stocks fall as reces­sion fears grow. The fed­er­al reserve is on 7 rate hikes this year and pre­dict 3 ear­ly next year. We are still over 7% on infla­tion when they want it around 2%. 

The chips act, the pact act, the bipar­ti­san gun law, al Qae­da leader elim­i­nat­ed, the guy we took off the bal­cony we nev­er saw any evi­dence of his death and no one has ever con­firmed his death. Gas prices falling, low unem­ploy­ment, Jus­tice Ketan­ji Brown Jack­son, lead­ing sup­port for Ukraine, expan­sion of NATO (Biden is respon­si­ble for that), Amer­i­can res­cue plan (the rea­son for the high infla­tion), infra­struc­ture law, sen­ate nego­ti­at­ing update to the elec­toral count act. 

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