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Obama Apologized, Trump Produced, Biden Suppresses

  • Oba­ma went around the world with apolo­gies. Trump told them how it was going to work. Then we see Biden go to Mex­i­co and MX demands more investments.
  • No one is touch­ing the MO AG lawsuit. 
  • The media is doing side by side cov­er­age of Trump and Biden and their documents. 
  • IL gov signs ban on assault weapons hi cap magazines. 
  • Any time the next sto­ry breaks that the media doesn’t touch. Biden WH hound­ed Face­book to cen­sor Tuck­er Carl­son new emails show. Remem­ber when Face­book decid­ed to fact check. A sep­a­rate batch of emails released by MO and LA AG shows a con­cen­trat­ed effort to reduce the expo­sure of the anti vax mes­sage. The top offi­cials in the Biden WH col­lud­ed to sup­press free­dom of speech. MO AG shows that the WH has played a major rule in cen­sor­ing Amer­i­cans on social media. This infor­ma­tion is com­ing from the dis­cov­ery phase. 
  • Where is GA AG, Chris Carr? Kemp call Carr and tell him he needs to pro­tect hard work­ing Geor­gians and free­dom of speech. 

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