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Be Aware: State Budgets, Anti-woke Rules in Schools, Debt Ceiling Scare Tactic

  • Bri­an Kemp is over in Davos and in meet­ings behind closed doors how to get rid of Trump
  • This is an exam­ple of what you need to be on the look­out for in your state bud­gets. NY S263 is a dan­ger­ous chill­ing pro­hi­bi­tion on free speech that makes it a crime to talk about elec­tions. This act is to cre­ate a new elec­toral crime of vot­er sup­pres­sion, pun­ish­able as a misdemeanor.
  • The 50+ CIA mem­bers that signed the let­ter say­ing that Hunter Biden’s lap­top is fake. Now a for­mer top intel­li­gence chief admits sig­nif­i­cant parts of Hunter Biden’s lap­top had to be real but the signed let­ter with 50 oth­ers dis­miss­ing the con­tents as a Russ­ian infor­ma­tion bust before the 2020 elec­tion. This is why we have the Church commission. 
  • Mass hys­te­ria activists erupt as the dio­cese of Des Moines enacts anti woke rules in church­es and schools ban­ning pre­ferred pro­nouns and forc­ing wor­ship­pers to use toi­lets and lock­er rooms of their bio­log­i­cal sex. Activists are slam­ming the poli­cies as un-Christian. 
  • This is a scare tac­tic. US to hit the debt ceil­ing as ear­ly as Thurs­day. Yet it is expect­ed to last until July 2023. There is not enough mon­ey to bor­row to oper­ate the gov­ern­ment with the 1.7 T omnibus bill that Pelosi, Schumer, Biden passed. Noth­ing is stop­ping us from con­tin­u­ing the pat­tern of spend­ing mon­ey that we don’t have. Ger­ald Ford’s State of the Union address said that the State of the Union was not good. He ref­er­ences the nation­al debt. On Thurs­day they have to start shift­ing the mon­ey to pay the bills and not default until June. 

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