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Zients New Chief Of Staff, VT on Non-Citizens To Vote, McGonigal (Ex-FBI) Under Spotlight

  • Jeff Zients is the new Chief of Staff. The Politi­co arti­cle by Jonathan Lemere is a good arti­cle for know­ing the angle the democ­rats are going with the appointment
  • Democ­rats name Schiff and Swal­well to the Intel­li­gence pan­el despite McCarthy’s threats. Remem­ber the Jan 6 com­mit­tee was select­ed and McCarthy put up a cou­ple of names and Nan­cy Pelosi wouldn’t allow it. Lets see if McCarthy will keep his spine intact and keep him removed. 
  • VT supreme ct deci­sion on allow­ing non-cit­i­zens to vote
  • Manchin is sound­ing like the Amer­i­can cen­trest. And Krys­ten now iden­ti­fies as an inde­pen­dent and a demo­c­rat house mem­ber is chal­leng­ing Krys­ten in 2024 has hired peo­ple Fet­ter­man staff from PA to run his campaign. 
  • Gas prices
  • GA oppos­es runoffs, backs sports bet­ting and abor­tion rights. Watch Rank Choice Vot­ing, Sports Bet­ting and Abor­tion rights come into play 
  • Ful­ton judge to con­sid­er releas­ing grand jury report. Robert McBer­ney is the same judge that found the heart­beat bill to be unconstitutional. 
  • Top sto­ry of the day is the For­mer FBI head accused of work­ing for a Russ­ian Oli­garch. Robert Mueller, the Russ­ian col­lu­sion, the boy scout, is with McGo­ni­gal. The FBI direc­tor was in Davos last week and now this week send­ing out an email say­ing this is not how we oper­ate. McGo­ni­gal was among the first FBI offi­cials to learn that a Trump advi­sor told a diplo­mat that Rus­sia had polit­i­cal dirt on Clin­ton. Trump should have his record expunged. 
  • It was a shared desire to keep the Biden’s doc­u­ments quiet. 

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