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BKP with Truth in Education and Mama Bears

  • The Mama Bears law­suit against Forsyth Coun­ty Board of Edu­ca­tion on the vio­la­tion of the first amendment. 
  • 43 of our states have obscen­i­ty law exemp­tion for our school libraries. The laws that are passed are not in our par­ents favor. All we need is to remove school libraries from the obscen­i­ty law exemp­tion. The Trust­ed Advi­sor is not the parent. 
  • The par­ents bill of rights is a six page bill that is worth­less. It was to appease the par­ents dur­ing the elec­tion year. Not one of the 100 bills that have dropped deal­ing with pro­tect­ing our children. 

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