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China Completed Their Mission, Joe Biden Assisted

  • Chi­na com­plet­ed their mis­sion. Joe Biden assist­ed in allow­ing the mis­sion to be com­plet­ed. When all else fails Trump did it too. Last Tues­day cit­i­zens in MT, with­out that you would have not known any­thing about this bal­loon. They take it down in what they want you to believe is some hero­ic action off the coast of South Car­oli­na. Let’s go with Trump, did it too, you mean to tell me that it has been allowed. Trump offi­cials claimed it did not happen. 
  • Chi­na claims it was a weath­er bal­loon and fires their chief meteorologist. 
  • What a coin­ci­dence. Pre-bal­loon “My gut tells me we will fight in 2025”. Is this how we will treat Chi­na as they go into Japan? We have new mil­i­tary bases in the Philip­pines. And Japan is increas­ing its mil­i­tary budget. 
  • At the gram­mys, if you don’t think this is good ver­sus evil in this world. And your law mak­ers aren’t pro­tect­ing your kids in school. We have gayed up GA so bad. With the repub­li­cans in lead­er­ship we have gayed it right now. So this will con­tin­ue, wor­ship­ing the dev­il and spon­sored by Pfizer. 
  • Demo­c­rat nation­al com­mit­tee pro­posed primary. 
  • Are you aware of the Greater Ida­ho move­ment? Coun­ties in OR want to join Idaho. 
  • 1816 Project on Hulu
  • What is Kel­ly Loef­fler doing with Bri­an Kemp and Mar­ty and the girls
  • HB200, we report­ed Fri­day morn­ing on the show. The good news after the grass­roots activist Vic­tor Ander­son has made pub­lic that he was remov­ing his name from the bill this morn­ing. It had 3 repub­li­cans and 2 democrats. 
  • US cred­it card debt jumps 18.5%
  • Remem­ber HB 48, Stan Gunter spon­sored to make DA non-partician. 

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