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BKP Weekly Recap — February 10, 2023

  • We had the state of delu­sion and social secu­ri­ty and medicare is all the talk. But social secu­ri­ty and medicare are insol­vent. So maybe what we can do is cut the behe­moth bureaucracies. 
  • The new hero, the win­ner of the week, was Sarah Huck­abee Sanders and her response to the State of the Union. Usu­al­ly the Repub­li­can response falls flat and no one is usu­al­ly inter­est­ed in what the speak­er says. But the take away from her speech was that we have Nor­mal vs Crazy. 
  • Fet­ter­man is in the hos­pi­tal. He had a stroke and the deep state made sure Fet­ter­man was placed as Sen­a­tor over Dr. Oz. He is not even there for 6 weeks and he becomes light­head­ed and rushed to the hos­pi­tal. You stand a bet­ter chance find­ing out about the Chi­nese Spy Bal­loon more than Fetterman’s health. PA may be get­ting a new Sen­a­tor soon. 
  • Don­ald Trump is back on Face­book and Instagram. 
  • James O’Keefe, the founder of Project Ver­i­tas, has been removed from the board. 
  • The State of Flori­da is ready to take over Reedy Creek Devel­op­ment, that is Mick­ey Mouse House, the mag­ic king­dom is about to be assessed and have to pay taxes. 
  • St. Louis trans clin­ic is inves­ti­gat­ed for harm­ing 600 kids as a whistle­blow­er reveals doc­tors doing pro­ce­dures on teens to avoid preg­nan­cy or being gay. In schools the coun­selors are shar­ing the sui­cide odds if the par­ents don’t go along with the tran­si­tion. The doc­tors and coun­selors scare the par­ents to sup­port the kids as the only option they have. GA has SB141

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