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Zelensky Wants Crimea. Putin Doesn’t Want A Loss. And China Ready To Make Peace

  • Biden was in Ukraine and Poland to defend democracy. 
  • American’s need to stop being steamrolled. 
  • None of this took place on Trump’s watch. Crimea was tak­en under the Obama/Biden administration. 
  • Zelen­sky doesn’t like Amer­i­cans. He is forced to say polite things to you to send mon­ey. Say­ing it is dan­ger­ous for Amer­i­cans to ques­tion the amount of aid being giv­en to Ukraine because if Ukraine los­es, Rus­sia is going to enter Baltic states NATO mem­ber states and the US will have to send their son and daugh­ters to war and they will die. 
  • Zelen­sky is not inter­est­ed in peace. He wants Crimea. PU
  • Our news net­works are run­ning and car­ry­ing their water to keep this war going. 
  • Jake Sul­li­van was on all the net­works this week­end. Biden and Sul­li­van are hard at work on the train into Ukraine. But Chuck Todd threw a wrench at Jake. 
  • Now all of a sud­den Chi­na has a peace deal for Ukraine after we have poured $113 bil­lion into Ukraine. 
  • Trump is Amer­i­ca First. 
  • Mike Lee from UT says that we should stop send­ing mon­ey to Ukraine
  • Nation­al secu­ri­ty advi­sor jake sul­li­van dis­miss­es chi­nese peace deal for ukraine and rus­sia as one-sided diplo­ma­cy as top repub­li­can says its dis­turb­ing bei­jing is weigh­ing send­ing lethal aid to moscow. After Zelen­sky emp­ties our pock­ets he will make a deal with china. 

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