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BKP And Mallory Staples Talk About GA Legislation HB 520 And HB 266

  • House 585, sen­ate 286 bills
  • Mafia style behav­ior that takes place under the Dome in Atlanta
  • HB266 is a med­ical free­dom bill to ban vac­cine pass­ports and masks. The chair­woman and vice chair have an incred­i­ble amount of pow­er and they decide which bill lives or dies. 
  • The big­ger fight will be the most ter­ri­fy­ing bill that has hit the house. Every sin­gle cit­i­zen should be aware and active­ly fight­ing hb520. They are try­ing to add the stuff back that was stripped out last year. 3 sec­tions on 520. It makes it eas­i­er to con­fine peo­ple invol­un­tar­i­ly. Some­one would be able to be held for 5 years with­out due process of law. The largest expan­sion of med­ic­aid ever in GA. If any­one goes to col­lege to study any­thing under men­tal health it is required for the tax pay­er to pay for the col­lege bills. 
  • HB1013 was the men­tal health bill that got passed in the house and squashed in the senate. 
  • We have a new speak­er, Jon Burns. We were hop­ing that there would be some com­mit­tee changes and how bills are pre­sent­ed to the floor. GA has been in lock­down for the past 10 years. There was a lot of hope that Jon Burns would func­tion dif­fer­ent­ly. Although he has been more approach­able, it does­n’t look like any change has happened. 
  • Sharon Coop­er will not bring it to the floor. HB266 med­ical free­dom bill. Coop­er will not let any­thing from Charlese Bryd go to the floor. Appar­ent­ly this has been a prob­lem with Sharon Coop­er, chair of the health committee. 
  • The people’s voice is not being heard. 
  • Every­thing about men­tal health is the catch phrase. And they have to devel­op a huge men­tal health bureau­cra­cy and eval­u­ate you kids. There will be a direc­tor of the GA ana­lyt­ics cen­ter, all data of Geor­gians will go through this center.
  • HB293 2nd amend­ment pro­tec­tion act.  Pre­vent law enforce­ment from enforc­ing biden’s bans. 
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