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Do You Believe 2024 Is The One We Have To Win Or Your Freedom Is Gone?

  • The deep state destroys peo­ple. If you ever do any­thing, say any­thing, come out for Trump. They will make sure your legal bat­tles are so deep that you are destroyed. 
  • Repub­li­cans vote on elec­tion day so the last thing they could do they could make sure that on that Tues­day they would cre­ate so many prob­lems for peo­ple to vote in AZ. 
  • Do you believe 2024 is the one we have to win or your free­dom is gone? 
  • Trump is a loy­al­ist. DeSan­tis is pol­i­tics, Kemp is pol­i­tics. There is no hon­or among thieves. Every­one is jock­ey­ing for posi­tion. A lot of times peo­ple are loy­al to each oth­er. DeSan­tis was a con­gress­man and he was not a fire­brand. Trump did the same thing for DeSan­tis that he did for Kemp. The Ag com­mis­sion­er for FL he was the front run­ner for gov­er­nor. DeSan­tis was not going to win against the Ag Com­mis­sion­er, until Trump endorsed DeSantis.
  • We were keep­ing Bagram because we need­ed to keep it from Chi­na. We gave the base to Chi­na after leav­ing Afghanistan. Now, Iran has killed one of our mil­i­tary con­trac­tors in Syr­ia. Afghanistan was a dis­as­ter. And we are leav­ing this up to Blinken, Kir­by, Austin, Biden. The sui­cide bomber that killed 13 of our men and women dur­ing the with­draw­al was in the sights of the sniper and they could not get the order to take out the sui­cide bomber

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