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The Speculation and Smoke Screen to Manipulate the Election

  • Watch the spec­u­la­tion and the smoke screens on how they will try to manip­u­late the elec­tion. What is the polit­i­cal impact? Watch the polling. This is not just an indict­ment, it’s a reminder. For a sealed indict­ment the AP reports 1 felony.
  • NY DA slams house repub­li­cans plan to inves­ti­gate his case. 
  • William Barr knows Don­ald Trump. Barr goes on to say that he wouldn’t want Trump to take the stand because he may say some­thing. He is unpredictable.
  • The deep state has every­thing time released. They are turn­ing the ball in the direc­tion of the steal in 2024 even down to the announce­ment of Asa Hutchinson. 

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