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The Dangers of AI: Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT and the Next Election

  • We have to look at a cou­ple of things. Is this the plus? Because Trump has the whole news cycle. What is con­cern­ing is the real news that is hap­pen­ing in the world. But every­thing is Trump 24/7 and the polling num­bers are going up. 
  • We will break down the game plan for the steal of 2024. The dan­ger of Chat­G­PT in the next elec­tion. You will hear the hype in GA is the stop­ping of Zucker­bucks but the real dan­ger is arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence. AI gen­er­at­ed Deep­Fakes sweeps the inter­net. Deep­Fakes can be used to manip­u­late the elec­tion. It’s here and dan­ger­ous as hell. The peo­ple that cre­ate this tech­nol­o­gy are not con­ser­v­a­tive and are not repub­li­cans. They are not on our side and this is scary. 
  • Let­ter released to all AI labs… “[We] call on all AI labs to imme­di­ate­ly pause for at least 6 months the train­ing of AI sys­tems more pow­er­ful than GPT‑4” for “pro­found risks to soci­ety and humanity”
  • We have been con­di­tioned on what we hear and see. Now that the truth is com­ing out and we were able to hear and see the truth and Shaman was released. 

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