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What Really Happened The Other Day In Nashville.

  • Remem­ber Hate has con­se­quences: trans sup­port group blames GOP anti-trans leg­is­la­tion for TN school shoot­ing calls Audrey Hale’s death a tragedy and demands media call shoot­er he/him
  • The par­ents thought the shoot­er shouldn’t have guns and they didn’t know she had the 7 guns. This is the ground­work for their argu­ment for gen­der affirm­ing care. She was suf­fer­ing from an emo­tion­al dis­or­der. Men­tal health is being shoved down our throats. 
  • What real­ly hap­pened the oth­er day in Nashville. 
  • Gov Bill Lee signs a ban on gen­der affirm­ing care for minors and drags restric­tions into law on March 3. The new health law bans med­ica­tions such as puber­ty block­ers and hor­mone treat­ments to treat any under­ly­ing gen­der dys­pho­ria caused affect­ing TN chil­dren. The shoot­er was under gen­der affirm­ing care, for her emo­tion­al dis­or­der, gen­der dys­pho­ria. They have plans to attack church­es, chris­tians, and schools. 
  • TN Sen­ate pass­es bill defin­ing sex as gen­der assigned at birth. The bill was held back in the state’s house because of its poten­tial bud­getary impact. The leg­is­la­tion could jeop­ar­dize mil­lions in fed­er­al fund­ing because the bills’ def­i­n­i­tion con­tra­dicts fed­er­al rules. This could cost TN mil­lions of dol­lars because Joe Biden changed the rules in Title IX. 
  • There is a whole gen­er­a­tion of chil­dren that don’t know their worth in soci­ety and not know­ing who they are or their iden­ti­ty and tax­pay­ers are fund­ing it. 

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