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Trump is a Stable Genius, Trump Brand Got Free Advertisement Yesterday

  • The Trump brand got free adver­tise­ment yes­ter­day. Trump is a sta­ble genius. How Trump’s date with his­to­ry will play out. For­mer pres­i­dent will trav­el from Trump Tow­er pent­house to Man­hat­tan cour­t­house for book­ing, fin­ger­prints and his­toric hear­ing, then back to Mar-a-Lago for speech to decry the case. They fix­at­ed cam­eras on his every move­ment. He is going up in the polls. Peo­ple know it is a polit­i­cal witch hunt. Some repub­li­cans are ral­ly­ing behind him. The bril­liance of spin­ning this into a media fren­zy. If today was pri­ma­ry day he would be the nom­i­nee for repub­li­cans. What will that do? Will that cause a cen­trist can­di­date to come out? 
  • Trump will hit a tri­fec­ta. How will they write about this guy in his­to­ry books? He is the first 2 times in the same term impeached pres­i­dent of the Unit­ed States. From the time he came down the esca­la­tor. Peo­ple loved him before he came down the esca­la­tor. By the time he got to the bot­tom the attacks start­ed. There was nev­er a day that he was not under attack. He spent 4 years being attacked. 
  • In NYC if you can make it there you can make it any­where… Man­hat­tan is the tri­al run. GA DA is watch­ing NYC arraignment. 
  • Eric Adams warns pro­test­ers ahead of arraign­ment. MTG is in NY where she will ral­ly thou­sands today. May­or warns MTG to behave at Trump ral­ly. Many law­mak­ers at the Capi­tol are telling their staff to take a vir­tu­al work day. 
  • While tho­razine Joe allowed the Chi­nese spy bal­loon to drift across the coun­try and then start­ed shoot­ing down kids toys. Yet the Chi­nese spy bal­loon sent data to Chi­na in real time. 
  • Tonight MSNBC has a spe­cial prime­time spe­cial tonight over the indict­ment of Don­ald Trump.
  • We had 1776, 1876 and we had 1976… it is con­cern­ing if we will see 2076. 

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