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Trump Trifecta During Primary

  • BKP talks sports
  • They have laid out how Trump’s day will go. 
  • Furi­ous Trump demands Alvin Bragg indict him­self and resign for ille­gal­ly leak­ing details of indict­ment that includes 34 felony counts and NO mugshot or hand­cuffs hours before arraignment. 
  • It’s just aggra­vat­ing, Meg­yn Kel­ly slams pol­i­tics of Trump’s upcom­ing arrest and says it’s grat­ing when Hillary Clin­ton has got­ten away with so much. 
  • We have the Chi­nese spy bal­loon and a com­pro­mised pres­i­dent. The Amer­i­can peo­ple are scratch­ing their heads. Remem­ber Lan­ny Davis and Michael Cohan going into the Man­hat­tan DA to tes­ti­fy. Clin­tons believe in blood broth­ers’ loyalty. 
  • Alvin and the chip­munks Bragg is going after the man for what” Furi­ous Trump fans rage at Man­hat­tan DA for ex-president’s upcom­ing arrest as they cheer his arrival at Trump Tow­er. What they will do today. They will look for state­ments from the far right trump sup­port­ers. “You peo­ple nev­er tell the god­damn truth” female Don­ald Trump sup­port­er unloads on TV jour­nal­ist as she crash­es her live cross. 
  • Eric Adams giv­ing MTG a warn­ing to behave
  • Trump arraign­ment set for 2:15pm. His­toric sur­ren­der, Trump arrives in the city ahead of arraign­ment. NYPD primed for priests at cour­t­house, Adams warns Trump fans and Rep Greene to behave. 
  • NY Supreme Court Judge Juan Mer­chan, presided over Weis­sel­berg and Trump orga­ni­za­tion cas­es. Trump hires new defense lawyer on eve of NYC arraign­ment, Todd Blanche. Trump on tak­ing on going through clas­si­fied records: “I would have the right to do that, I would do that”. Ful­ton Co DA Fani Willis “watch­ing NYC arraignment. 
  • A gag order. Trump is sit­ting on 3 pos­si­ble indict­ments (Man­hat­tan, Ful­ton Co and the doc­u­ments). It is very pos­si­ble that there will be a gag order and the media will go after him and trash talk Trump and he will not be able to say any­thing about the case. And it is quite pos­si­ble that there will be a gag order on all three cases. 
  • Keep in mind the Man­hat­tan case is a 100% polit­i­cal witch hunt fund­ed by George Soros. In GA we get the Fani Willis case, the demo­c­rat DA with repub­li­can par­tic­i­pa­tion. Every­thing you can think of should not be a live case in Man­hat­tan and you can’t tell me that the fore­woman from Ful­ton Co Grand Jury hurt the case in GA. 
  • Why dur­ing the pri­ma­ry sea­son will Trump hit the tri­fec­ta? If he is indict­ed for a third time. Peo­ple may feel that it is too messy to get in. The nar­ra­tive is that he can win the pri­ma­ry but can’t win the general. 

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