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Truth News: FedNow Cashless Service, Manchin the Centrists, and more

  • Check out the Fed­Now cash­less pro­gram. Dig­i­tal Dol­lar devel­op­ment stirs trans­ac­tion-track­ing ten­sions. US Fed­er­al Reserve’s Real-Time pay­ments sys­tems com­ing in July. The new gov­ern­ment-oper­at­ed pay­ments sys­tems often used as an argu­ment against the need for crypto’s pay­ment inno­va­tions will have its first par­tic­i­pants cer­ti­fied with­in weeks. US Fed­er­al Reserve Real Time Pay­ments sys­tems com­ing in July. what else is hap­pen­ing in the world about the same time. The cen­tral bank says that the sys­tem will start in July mark­ing a tran­si­tion that some have seen as a gov­ern­ment chal­lenge of the cryp­to sector’s instant-trans­ac­tion advan­tages. Ken Mont­gomery, the chief oper­at­ing offi­cer at the Fed­er­al Reserve Bank of Boston, who has been work­ing on the new sys­tems says “We urge finan­cial insti­tu­tions and their indus­try part­ners to move full steam ahead with prepa­ra­tions to join the Fed­Now Ser­vice” it will offer a “mod­ern instant pay­ment solu­tion.” Fed­Now has been seen as a poten­tial pre­cur­sor to a cen­tral bank dig­i­tal cur­ren­cy (CBDC).
  • As they are putting this in place as more and more peo­ple aren’t car­ry­ing cash or busi­ness­es aren’t tak­ing cash. What is hap­pen­ing to our cur­ren­cy behind our backs? What will hap­pen to our debt? Will the world buy our debt? We have the debt ceil­ing com­ing up in June. We have the BRICS nations recal­i­brat­ing the glob­al world order. Will this sum­mer be the end of the dol­lar dom­i­nance in the world? There is too much here to ignore. 
  • Where there is smoke there’s fire. You have tho­razine Joe so far to the left that peo­ple may not be ready to re-elect. Then you have the teflon Don but there is a fog of con­tro­ver­sy cre­at­ed by the left and by the media.  Are Amer­i­cans in the cen­ter? Remem­ber Joe Manchin has devel­oped a nation­al name. Remem­ber how many repub­li­cans have writ­ten him let­ters. Is Manchin run­ning in a lane?  He is play­ing a role some­where. And what he is lay­ing out with Chuck Tod­d’s help, is lay­ing some ground­work to put some pres­sure on the White House. This is the strug­gle with­in the demo­c­rat party. 
  • If you think in GA that you made all the deals with elec­tric vehi­cles you are bad­ly mis­tak­en, GA sold out to China. 
  • Col­in Kaeper­nick says he found it very dif­fi­cult to call out his white adop­tive par­ents for per­pet­u­at­ing prob­lem­at­ic ele­ments a month after he called them racist because they told him he looked like a thug for wear­ing cornrows. 
  • Flori­da Sen­ate pass­es 6‑week abor­tion ban mak­ing sun­shine state one of the most restric­tive in Amer­i­ca. Flori­da also pass­es the con­sti­tu­tion­al car­ry bill. 
  • America’s strong-arm­ing gen­der clin­ics revealed: most par­ents of trans kids say they were pres­sured into tran­si­tion­ing their child even when it left them worse off. 51.8% of par­ents feel pres­sured by gen­der clin­ics. Par­ents say their child’s anx­i­ety and depres­sion gets worse after transition.

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