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In Search Of The Leaker Who Fits The Profile

  • Man­hat­tan DA Alvin Bragg receives anoth­er threat­en­ing let­ter and white powder. 
  • Revealed: Leak­er who post­ed top secret Pen­ta­gon doc­u­ments in a Dis­cord group ‘works at a mil­i­tary base and is in his 20s’ as a close friend described him as ‘fit, strong, armed and trained… Like some­thing out of a crazy movie’ the man who leaked a trove of US mil­i­tary and intel­li­gence doc­u­ments from the fall of 2022 until mid March this year has been described by those who knew him. He is referred to as OG by mem­bers of the chat room he admin­is­tered on Dis­cord, and said to be in his ear­ly 20s with a job on a US mil­i­tary base. The FBI and Pen­ta­gon are now hunt­ing for OG — described as a young, charis­mat­ic man who loves nature, God shoot­ing guns and rac­ing cars’. They are look­ing for “some­one”, in the next cou­ple of days they will find the per­son to meet the descrip­tion. Images cir­cu­lat­ing online reveal clues that point to the leaker’s iden­ti­ty. This pic­ture shows an Eng­lish-lan­guage instruc­tion man­u­al for a hunt­ing scope in the background. 
  • This is what we find out in the leaked doc­u­ments. Rus­sia fired a mis­sile at a manned British RAF jet over Black Sea and only a mal­func­tion stopped it from being blown out of the sky, leaked doc­u­ments revealed. 
  • Trump sug­gests Biden blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and warns Chi­na could replace the USA as the dom­i­nant super­pow­er which will be like los­ing a World War. 
  • TN demo­c­rat Justin Pear­son reap­point­ed to state House. 
  • US Ukraine says many war secrets are safe from intel leaks. MSNBC nev­er touched the intel leaks. Zelen­sky embez­zled  400 Mil­lion. That is hit­ting the world news cycle. Ukraine is steal­ing US tax mon­ey and wash­ing it out. Now on this side there is a leak of war doc­u­ments and in those doc­u­ments Rus­sia would have blown out of the air a British jet. The next lay­out will be the per­son who will be found. 
  • Scott says GOP starved for hope as he moves towards 2024 bid. 
  • This is the moth­er of the shoot­er in KY at the bank. “No words can express our sor­row, anguish, and hor­ror at the unthink­able harm our son Con­nor inflict­ed on inno­cent people…There were nev­er any warn­ing signs or indi­ca­tions he was capa­ble of this shock­ing act.” The gov­er­nor of TN has already caved to the insur­rec­tion­ist and signed an exec­u­tive order with red flag laws. Give every­one a men­tal eval­u­a­tion before pur­chas­ing a gun. Don’t think that’s not the game plan at the end of the day. 
  • PBS joins NPR in back­ing away from Twit­ter. PBS and NPR are angry because Musk has called them state fund­ed media. 

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