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BKP Politics: Transgender Athletes, Robert Kennedy Jr, and whistleblowers


We have to do some­thing to ban these trans­gen­der ath­letes in wom­en’s sports. 

Pen­ta­gon to take over AI so it does­n’t make a deci­sion for us. 

A Kennedy is run­ning for pres­i­dent. The deep state media when­ev­er they men­tion Robert Jr they always men­tion a con­spir­a­cy the­o­rist. Robert Jr comes out and imme­di­ate­ly he is in dou­ble dig­its. At the same time, a Blinkin orcas­trat­ed let­ter from Mer­rill say­ing that Hunter Biden lap­top is disinformation. 

IRS whistle­blow­er on Hunter Biden adds fuel to James Com­ers fire. Mer­rick Gar­land sur­faces in the whistle­blow­ers report. Are the but­tons mov­ing and get­ting into order for Biden’s removal? 

Elon Musk telling us this week that the gov­ern­ment had full access to twit­ter includ­ing your per­son­al messages. 

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