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ALL STAR POLITICAL PANEL: Fox Settlement, Transgender, Abortion, 2024


What will hap­pen with the Domin­ion Fox set­tle­ment? Why not make a deal before the media ran it for days? Fox is not deny­ing the accu­sa­tions. What voice will they shut down and what voic­es will be silenced to chal­lenge things. Mur­dock caved to Domin­ion. It shuts down free speech. Some of the peo­ple will be mov­ing on from Fox. CNN and MSNBC are hav­ing fun with what is hap­pen­ing at Fox. 

Just like the democ­rats in NY that won’t acknowl­edge the crime on the streets, how in good con­science do they say that a male and female can com­pete against each oth­er. The real­i­ty is upper body strength is upper body strength. The democ­rats are doing every­thing to cre­ate division. 

The law in Col­orado allows and pro­tects trans youth. 

The issue is what the media cre­ates. Repub­li­cans need to get bold. 

Don’t get shocked if there is a Trump DeSan­tis ticket. 

No one can ver­i­fy that the 16yo that rang the door­bell that the house was one block away from the home. One was ter­race and the oth­er was street, so it was quite pos­si­ble they are a block away. 

We find out now that France and EU com­mis­sion went over to Chi­na. There are a lot that the Chi­nese are try­ing to do to get the realign­ment in the world. Some of the trad­ing pat­terns have shift­ed. US has delib­er­ate­ly push­ing Rus­sia and Chi­na together. 

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