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The World Walks All Over US, They Know We Are Broke And Will Soon Collapse

  • We sent bil­lions of dol­lars to Ukraine. We are going to shut Rus­sia off from the swift trad­ing in the world. They can’t sell their oil and crip­ple their econ­o­my. Thou­sands of the sol­diers are dying. Assas­si­na­tion attempts are com­ing for Putin. Then Biden blows up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. Then the world news­pa­pers show Rus­sia has increased sales in oil and econ­o­my is great, val­ue or ruble is going up. Deep state telling us that they can’t get rid of the US dol­lar. And Zelen­sky is win­ning and will be a hero when it’s done. The world media show the Zelen­sky embez­zle­ment of the US dol­lars des­ig­nat­ed to fuel. This is cor­rup­tion 101, he is steal­ing his part and kick­ing it up to the boss­es, that’s your sen­a­tors, pres­i­dent and their kids. 
  • Mean­while Xi is cut­ting deals all over the world. BRICS is work­ing on a mon­e­tary pol­i­cy and sends a del­e­ga­tion with Putin to work out a peace plan. Zelen­sky will go where the mon­ey is. Zelen­sky has nev­er been thank­ful for the Unit­ed States. The law­mak­ers in DC know he is cor­rupt. This guy has obvi­ous­ly told Biden how to jump and when. Zelen­sky and Xi will talk when Xi is ready. Belarus spends a week in Chi­na. Then Xi goes to Rus­sia and works every­thing out. Zelen­sky is look­ing at the deals that Chi­na has made and how much mon­ey would come to him if he made deals with China. 
  • When Trump was pres­i­dent the world feared us. Now they walk all over Biden and they know we are broke and will soon collapse. 

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