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All Star Political Panel — Bank Failures, Federal Debt Ceiling And What May Happen

  • We are on our fourth bank fail­ure. Inter­est rates are increased again. And infla­tion is nowhere near 2%. With all the take over of the banks in 2008, how are they col­laps­ing? They could only loan up to 40% of their assets. The banks that are fail­ing are in the tech indus­try. Did they get too far into the cryp­to cur­ren­cy? And into the T‑bills that are worth noth­ing. The banks didn’t man­age their risk man­age­ment. Reg­u­la­tors weren’t over­see­ing the banks. In 2010 the banks were sup­posed to have a stress test. The mon­ey that we gen­er­at­ed in the past cou­ple of years went into the banks. By rais­ing the inter­est rate Jerome Pow­ell is just expand­ing the col­lapse of the t‑bills. The red state cities are doing much bet­ter than the blue state cities. 
  • WE have had fed­er­al shut­downs peri­od­i­cal­ly dur­ing our his­to­ry. The rea­son for a fed­er­al shut­down is because con­gress doesn’t do the app­ro­ca­tions. When the debt ceil­ing isn’t extend­ing then they can’t bor­row when they run out of mon­ey. When they reach the debt ceil­ing and no longer have the mon­ey to write checks then they have to decide what to pay. The Trea­sury depart­ment doesn’t have the author­i­ty to change what is paid and not paid. They are using the June 1 date, right now we are more flushed with cash because the income tax should be more than enough. 
  • McCarthy got the house to pass a pro­pos­al to raise the debt ceil­ing if cer­tain con­di­tions were met. Giv­en to Biden more than 10 days ago. The only thing on Biden’s sched­ule was 3 pho­to ops the entire week. The hope is that McCarthy will get the 80K+ IRS agents and the COVID funds rescinded. 

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