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Our Cities Are Gone, Title 42 is Ending, Dems Play Debt Ceiling Card

  • The democ­rats are box­ing in the repub­li­cans into abor­tion, guns and sav­ing the democ­ra­cy. Now we have to think dif­fer­ent­ly when our kids eat brus­sel sprouts. 
  • They have this guy in cus­tody. A Texas gun­man who killed five is cur­rfed in a cop car after being caught hid­ing under the laun­dry in a clos­et and arrest­ed as tip end for day man­hunt. So this vicious killer that has been deport­ed 4 times that has been com­ing across the open bor­der. But May­orkas wants to tell you that the bor­der is closed and the only thing the media will do is find fam­i­lies. And they write the title as though we have rules and the bor­der is closed. 
  • We have the title 42 end­ing. They have to repeat it over and over because it is a Trump era rul­ing. And now send­ing 1500 troops to the bor­der. Don’t let them lead you to believe that title 42 is the prob­lem. We have mil­lions that we can’t find in this coun­try. We have mil­lions that won’t show up for court dates. And we don’t know where the next mur­der will be. 
  • Our cities are basi­cal­ly gone. Nord­strom shuts down both stores in crime-rid­den San Fran­cis­co as Tar­get locks the entire prod­uct range behind secu­ri­ty glass and Whole Foods store is shut­tered. It is a dis­as­ter what is going on in this coun­try and Joe Biden can’t admit he has a grandchild. 
  • Ford posts $1.76B Quar­ter 1 prof­it large­ly on gas-pow­ered vehi­cles. Amer­i­ca is not mak­ing the switch that they want. They have to demand you to make the switch. Ford posts a stel­lar first quar­ter, boost­ed by fleet and lega­cy truck divi­sions. Today the trac­tor trail­er is 180K and the elec­tric is 450K. It will be about a tril­lion dol­lars to adjust fac­to­ries and con­sumers will pay the bill. And it will take up 14% of our pow­er grid. 
  • House Democ­rats take steps toward forc­ing a vote on debt ceil­ing hike. Jef­fries preps for Plan B as his­toric debt default looms. What will June be like? We are not out of mon­ey, we have decid­ed to pay for the huge bureau­cra­cies. They will come along and save you but have to live in fear. Amer­i­can liv­ing stan­dards are on the line because of polit­i­cal bick­er­ing. Not because the bor­der is open with mil­lions com­ing into our coun­try and foot­ing the bill for med­ical and edu­ca­tion. We can’t con­tin­ue to foot the bill. We always have dire warn­ings. Social Secu­ri­ty checks will stop. The banks are already rat­tled. Are they set­ting up Juen to be the prob­lems that have been devel­op­ing for them to bloom and using the debt ceil­ing to be the rea­son. We know the cock­tail they have been brew­ing for years has to bust. Bank stocks are drop­ping. They are cre­at­ing the cri­sis because some­thing is about to change. There is enough rev­enue to pay the inter­est on the debt, pay social secu­ri­ty, pay the mil­i­tary and pay the essentials. 
  • Career Apoc­a­lypse: 83 mil­lion jobs will van­ish glob­al­ly by 2027 — bank and postal clerks, cashiers, sec­re­taries, stock check­ers, and accoun­tants are being auto­mat­ed out the door, says Davos report. 83 mil­lion jobs will dis­ap­pear and 69 mil­lion new tech jobs will be cre­at­ed. That is a net loss of 14 mil­lion jobs or 2 per­cent of the cur­rent glob­al work­force. 60% of work­ers will need some retrain­ing to stay competitive. 
  • Jerome Pow­ell is doing a great job destroy­ing the mid­dle class and the seniors. Tweets from Robert Kennedy Jr: Pres­i­dent Biden assured us Mon­day that the bank­ing sys­tem is “safe and sound.” Today, bank stocks are crash­ing. The Amer­i­can peo­ple deserve more than glib assur­ances and per­cep­tion man­age­ment. The bank­ing col­lapse is the tip of an eco­nom­ic mega-crisi. It’s not just the banks. Job open­ings plum­met­ed for the third month in a row. Core fac­to­ry orders dropped for the sec­ond con­sec­u­tive month. Infla­tion is destroy­ing the mid­dle and work­ing class. We need to turn our atten­tion to rebuild­ing our nation. NOW. Instead of cham­pi­oning free speech, the US active­ly per­se­cut­ed jour­nal­ists and whistle­blow­ers. Ill par­don brave truth tellers like Julian Assange and inves­ti­gate the cor­rup­tion and crimes they exposed. This isn’t the Sovi­et Union, the Amer­i­ca I love doesn’t imprison dissidents.

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