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Ron DeSantis Gets His First GA Endorsement

  • Joke of the day: There’s a new devel­op­ment in the GA wide open 2026 race for gov­er­nor. A few days after LT Gov Burt Jones said he’s con­sid­er­ing a run for the top spot, Attor­ney Gen­er­al Chris Carr seems to be con­sid­er­ing a bid as well. 
  • Ron DeSan­tis gets first major endorse­ment in GA, Rich McCormick. Will he be one and done? 
  • Ron DeSan­tis tries to make light of the dis­as­trous Twit­ter launch by say­ing he broke the inter­net but Doesn’t smile then goes on TV to call Biden a list­less ves­sel and promise to crack down on immi­gra­tion, crime, and woke culture. 
  • It is pret­ty bad when Biden can one up you. This link works, Biden mocks Ron DeSan­tis sham­bol­ic Twit­ter Spaces 2024 launch by shar­ing a tweet to donate to his cam­paign. DeSan­tis releas­es cam­paign launch video. Twit­ter launch crash­es app as servers strained. Ron DeSan­tis declares 2024 can­di­da­cy in glitchy Twit­ter Spaces event. DeSan­tis 2024 launch fail­ure could pre­dict what hap­pens next. On what was sup­posed to be an impor­tant night for the FL Gov Ron DeSan­tis 2024 announce­ment left many won­der­ing if it is a cat­a­stroph­ic sign of what’s to come. DeSan­tis announce­ment is dis­rupt­ed by Twit­ter mal­func­tion. Gov Ron DeSan­tis entered the 2024 race, but a livestream announce­ment with Twitter’s own­er Elon Musk was marred by glitch­es. The FL Gov announce­ment in a livestream was sup­posed to be a tri­umphant moment for Elon Musk. Ron DeSan­tis pres­i­den­tial cam­paign launch melts down in Twit­ter glitches. 
  • DeSan­tis cam­paign responds to tech prob­lems. Gov­er­nor DeSan­tis broke the inter­net that should tell you every­thing you need to do about the strength of his candidacy. 
  • We know fox is going to car­ry the water. Trey Goudy is from South Car­oli­na. Maybe Trey can make DeSan­tis look good. 
  • The prob­lem is the abil­i­ty that DeSan­tis may have to make decisions. 
  • Mike Pence and sit there and wait until DeSan­tis deflats. 

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