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Garland Favorito on the Dominion Ballot Marking Device Security Flaws

  • BMD is the touch screen that we use to vote on and the EMS is the elec­tion man­age­ment sys­tem that the coun­ty uses. 
  • We have evi­dence that shows that the find­ings from the report have hap­pened in the recent elec­tions. “The soft­ware update that GA installed in Oc 2020 left GA’s BMDs in a state where any­one can install mal­ware with only brief phys­i­cal access to the machines. The report shows that this prob­lem can poten­tial­ly be exploit­ed in the polling place even by non-tech­ni­cal voters.” 
  • The sys­tem was nev­er designed for the appro­pri­ate secu­ri­ty and it would not be able to be retro­fit­ted to have the secu­ri­ty it needs. The sys­tem can not be fixed. 
  • Hal­der­man is say­ing that a patch will not fix the sys­tem. There are some that are call­ing for a patch that Domin­ion has released. 
  • The move to a pub­lic hand count­ed, hand marked paper bal­lots with­in the precincts and allow the bal­lots to be pub­lic records will allow our elec­tions to be more secure. 
  • Hal­der­man Report was cre­at­ed due to the Curl­ing vs Raf­fensperg­er law­suit. The report wasn’t fund­ed by any polit­i­cal activists group. 
  • Once every­thing is pub­lic record we can’t have the cheat­ing. You can’t play the shell game if every­thing is pub­lic. There needs to be total trans­paren­cy to secure our elections. 
  • The US Court Sys­tem has already said that the sys­tem vio­lates GA law. 

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